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Showcase: Be inspired by this fabulous Pokfulam family apartment



Blue skies and island vistas are the more common view from the balcony of this Pokfulam apartment, but today mist hangs low on the hills, fog horns sound out from the shipping channel below and the opaque whiteness adds a touch of mystique to the setting.

White is Jacqui Chalk’s favourite colour and she uses it as a canvas on which to overlay grey, beige and other neutral tones using plush fabrics, artwork, furniture and one-off collectables. Added touches such as white hydrangeas on the coffee table, beige outdoor candles, grey leopard-print beanbags and thicks rugs add the warmth that befits a well-loved family home.

It is surely the skill of an interior designer (Jacqui shares a boutique practice with Sarah MacMahon of S.M.A.C.I.D. Interiors) to be able to maintain just such a setting with a household that includes three boys and a dog.

A benefit of a white backdrop, says Jacqui, is the sense of spaciousness it imparts. But it can’t take all the credit. After a lot of research, Jacqui engaged architect Roddy Murray to help gut the 2,300-square-foot apartment. They pared it back to its structural basics in order to renovate with maximum space in mind. Walls were removed or adjusted, unnecessary doors were done away with, and those doors and doorways that remained were cleverly hidden. Huge off-white rectangular floor tiles, reminiscent of limestone, but more practical, were laid throughout. The result is open space and clean lines unhampered by needless obstruction.