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Home décor ideas for summer

Ready to welcome those balmy summer vibes into your home? Lifting your home’s aesthetic to a lighter and brighter summer mood can be as easy as adding seasonal accents. Just like we layer accessories on a classic outfit to bring it into the season, so too can we apply this approach to the home. Here are some ideas from the team at Altfield Interiors on ways to switch up your home décor for the sunny season!

#1 Green Light

Open your home and bring the outdoors in with big leafy green plants in all shapes and sizes. Play around with ferns or large statement planters. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry, simply invest in a regular bloom delivery and decorative vases.

#2 Embrace Bold Accents

Be inspired by fashion and dip your toe in the bolder trend waters with decorative accents. Just like you would experiment with a scarf or necklace, revel in the season’s colour and pattern trends with smaller items.

#3 Lighten Up

In European grand houses, summer slip covers in white linen were often used to lighten rooms and bring in a more relaxed vibe. Remember, you don’t always need to buy new; you can often just re-cover. Or, toy with blue and white – nothing says summer like the azure blue of the Mediterranean or that Hamptons beach-house look.

#4 Frame It

This is a great trick for those in rentals. Find a beautiful fabric or a wallpaper that captures your heart and frame it in panels. This way, you can hang it on your wall and enjoy it even after you move. Or, simply replace it in the new season.

#5 Try a Tablecloth

Bring a touch of your own seasonal style to your table this summer. Think outside the box when it comes to decorative tablecloths for entertaining and the every day.

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This article first appeared in the June 2020 issue of Expat Living magazine.
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