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Sexy sports cars: Five awesome features of the new Ferrari 488 GTB

By: Ezra Gideon

Ferrari is known for its ultra sleek designs, quality engines and oh-so-sexy signature roar that comes with every new sports car it releases. So what makes the 488 GTB different from its predecessors? We highlight the finer points of this latest release by the Italian car manufacturer.


The Turbo
The 488 GTB is the first Ferrari model to use a turbo-charged engine (usually installed in Formula One race cars) since the F40. It not only reduces the car’s carbon dioxide output, but also needs less fuel – 3.9 litres – compared to the 4.5 litres of fuel needed for the traditional V8 engine. Best part of having a turbo-charged engine? Reaching a top speed of over 200 kilometres per hour.

The 488 GTB boasts a small but powerful twin V8 Engine

The Heart
The 488 GTB has a smaller V8 engine; but, its torque power of 760Nm and horsepower of 670 more than make up for this decreased engine size. If this is beginning to sound too technical, just remember that this car can hit 100 kilometres an hour in three seconds!

The blown rear spoiler and aerodynamic underbody give the 488 GTB increased stability

The Aerodynamics
The car comes installed with a blown rear spoiler and an aerodynamic underbody with vortex generators. Apart from reducing drag and wind noise, these upgrades also generate downforce that gives the car increased stability when moving at high speeds.

Fancy a multi-functional steering wheel and keyless ignition?
Fancy a multi-functional steering wheel and keyless ignition?

The Interior
Ferrari’s utmost priority is to keep the car light but powerful. Its interior is mostly made up of carbon fibre, with seats that have less padding. Costly, but definitely key to achieving the car’s target weight. The car also boasts other features like a multi-functional steering wheel, classic Ferrari sports interior and keyless ignition.

Elaborate turn manoeuvres won't be a problem with the Slip Slide Control 2
Elaborate turn manoeuvres won’t be a problem with the Slip Slide Control 2

The System
The electronic controls used for the 488 GTB pay tribute to previous models, but with an upgrade – the Slip Slide Control 2 (SSC2) – to give the driver better control over traction and acceleration. SSC2 also adds control to active dampers, used for enforcing greater stability during elaborate turn manoeuvres.

Orders and enquires can be made through Auto Italia Limited, Hong Kong’s official Ferrari importer. The waiting time is expected to be approximately two to three years.