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Relocating with kids

We asked the team at Crown Relocations for some tips on how to handle a move with our most precious possessions, our kids. As anyone who has made a big move knows, relocating with kids provides a wonderful opportunity for new experiences. But it can also be stressful and challenging.

Relocating with kids can be challenging
Relocating with kids can be challenging

Moving or relocating, whether locally or across the world, is a daunting task – especially with children. Talking to your kids about the move and including them in the plans is important. If possible, take them to see your new home, and encourage them to ask questions and talk about their feelings.

Helping your child research their new neighbourhood is a good way to encourage them to feel more optimistic. Try to find parks, museums and kid-friendly activities in the area. Hong Kong has excellent museums and plenty of options for both indoor and outdoor play.

Before you leave, visit your child’s favourite places, and take photos. Encourage your child to exchange email addresses with friends. Keep their favourite toys, and let them be involved with setting up their new room. This will help to make the transition feel much less overwhelming.

Ask your Crown representative about the Crown Children’s Programme.

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