Recipe swap: Sausage stew and South African bobotie

Most of us have our go-to recipes, be it for a mid-week lunch, a dinner party pleaser or a sumptuous cake that Nigella Lawson would be proud of. In case you’re stuck in a food rut, however, here are some of our readers’ fail-safe recipes from around the world to add your repertoire. Bon appétit!


Sunday night sausage stew
Sunday night sausage stew

Katie Martin-Sperry, British
“This is a perfect recipe for a Sunday night in, tucked up with a glass of red wine and a box set after an exhausting weekend. It’s very simple and you can knock it up in less than 30 minutes.”

Sunday Night Sausage Stew (Serves 2 generously)

• 1 bulb of garlic
• 1 white onion
• 6 Cumberland pork sausages
• 1 can of butter beans or cannellini beans
• 1 glass of white wine
• ½ green cabbage, finely chopped
• 200ml of chicken stock (OXO cube will do)
• A few sprigs of rosemary
• 100ml cooking cream (optional)

1. Finely chop the garlic and onion and pop in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil for five minutes. Once softened, add the sausages.
2. Brown the sausages for five minutes, then cut into large bite-size pieces with scissors. Continue cooking for another five minutes or until meat is brown.
3. Add the wine, chicken stock, rosemary, butter beans and cream (if using it), and simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes.
4. Once it is nicely bubbling away, add the cabbage five minutes before serving. As soon as the cabbage is cooked through, it’s ready to eat.



Pippa Gresham, British
“This lightly spiced and superbly fruity South African dish used to be a firm favourite in our household during my childhood days in Africa. Posh it up with condiments for a dinner party or use as a hearty crowd-pleaser for kids – akin to the ever-popular Shepherd’s Pie.”

Bobotie (Serves 6)

• 1kg minced lamb (or beef, or a mixture)
• ½ onion (diced)
• 25 ml cooking oil
• 10 ml butter
• 25 ml curry powder
• 10 ml salt
• 25 ml peach or apricot chutney
• 15 ml smooth apricot jam
• 15 ml Worcestershire sauce
• 5 ml turmeric
• 25 ml malt vinegar
• 1 handful raisins
• 3 eggs
• 375 ml milk
• 1 slice of bread (crustless)
• 1 pinch of salt
• bay leaves
• 2 bananas (optional)

1. Put bread into a bowl with milk and leave to soak. Heat oil and butter in a large pan and fry onions. When onions are soft, add curry powder, salt, chutney, Worcestershire sauce, jam, turmeric and vinegar. Mix well.
2. Drain bread, saving the milk. Add bread, raisins and meat to pan. Cook over low heat until meat loses its pinkness. Remove from heat and mix in one beaten egg. Spoon mixture into greased ovenproof dish and level the top.
3. Beat remaining two eggs into the reserved milk, and add turmeric and salt. Pour over meat mixture and place bay leaf on the top. If you like, peel two whole bananas and bake them on top, in the egg mixture. Bake uncovered at 180ºC for approximately 1 hour or until set and nicely browned. Serve with yellow rice, sliced banana, dessicated coconut and chutney.


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