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Private Healthcare Insurance for Living in Hong Kong

If your employer doesn’t provide insurance, it’s probably one of the first things you’ll want to sort out when you get here. A global health insurance plan could help safeguard your family’s wellbeing, whether you’re at home or abroad. With this in mind, we asked the experts at Bupa Global to answer some common questions for us.

A global health insurance plan could help safeguard your family’s wellbeing
A global health insurance plan could help safeguard your family’s wellbeing

# The public healthcare system here is very affordable; why should I consider private health insurance?

Hong Kong’s public healthcare system provides a high standard of medical care and modern equipment. However, the public system is geared towards emergency care, so waiting times for doctors in public hospitals can be long, especially for specialist treatment or consultation. Private healthcare generally costs more but you benefit from the shorter waiting time, and most private medical insurance plans cover part or all of the cost.

# I have a corporate insurance package; should I get a second insurance policy for myself or my family?

Many of our clients look at a second policy as a top-up, for the following reasons: an individual health insurance plan often provides a greater range of benefits with higher annual policy limits; corporate insurance only covers you during your time with the company. This may leave you with the need to seek individual insurance at an older age or time of need, and by that time premiums may be higher or there may be exclusions for pre-existing sickness. A second insurance policy, with worldwide cover, can give you peace of mind that, wherever you go, you’ll be well looked after.

# What do I need to consider when choosing a private medical insurance plan?

You may want to consider these factors:

  • annual policy limits;
  • geographic coverage – for example, is it global, and does it include or exclude the US?
  • coverage for family members – for example, does the package include maternity? Can a newborn baby be covered by the parents’ policy?
  • whether you’d be covered for pre-existing, mental, hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions;
  • whether the plan only covers benefits when you are sick, or if it includes preventive benefits, such as comprehensive health checks, vaccinations and so on.

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