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Where to get your summer shopping fix

By: Melissa Stevens

Summer in Hong Kong means brunches, junk trips, and retail therapy days at one of our fave shopping fairs! This year’s Prestige Fairs Summer Holiday Shopping Fair will see a plethora of pop-up shops from all your favourite brands offering the latest jewellery, fashion, homeware and gourmet food, plus the addition of some exciting new vendors. Find out more about some of the brands taking part for the first time this year and don’t miss the chance for some of the best shopping in Hong Kong!

#1. Rising Lotus

Rising Lotus was founded by fashion designer and yoga fan Vivien So after she became frustrated with the limited choices in the athleisure category in Hong Kong. Vivien describes the brand’s aesthetic as a blend of California casual and Hong Kong Island chic. “Rising Lotus is a boutique women’s athleisure label that caters for the unique and active individual,” she says. “We believe that in order to look good, you have to feel good. We create comfortable, functional and stylish clothing for active young women all around the world.” Vivien is also passionate about spreading positivity for young women through the brand. 3549 8805 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - rising lotus

#2. Lavulous Workshop

A shopping trip with her daughter for flip-flops proved the catalyst for Dyana Nagrani’s business. “What I thought would be a straightforward task actually turned out long and complicated as she couldn’t pick a perfect pair,” she recalls. “One pair was the right colour but embellished with the wrong accessories; another had the perfect sparkle to it, but didn’t come in pink!” The incident planted the seed for customised flip-flops, and for Lavulous Workshop. Dyana now holds workshops for kids and adults to design their own exclusive pair of flip-flops from more than 100 colours and accessories. Chat to Dyana at the fair and find out how the workshops are perfect for parties. 9753 0656 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - lavalous

#3. Glee Gloo Lifestyle &  Beauty

Glee Gloo was established close to two years ago to meet the growing demand and awareness people have about their beauty products needing to be naturally derived but still effective. The team travels far and wide to source premium lifestyle brands. Best-selling products include Thailand’s Divana Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, and Divana Organic Hand Cream, and Australian brand Milk & Co’s baby and skincare products – all made from organic plant essence or at least 95 percent naturally derived. The store also stocks Soapsmith from the UK, and RebornCell from Korea. 2789 9961 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - glee gloo

#4. Cliff Von Edge

A lifelong fascination with the qualities of gemstones and crystals led entrepreneur Cliff Lee to launch Cliff Von Edge in 2016. The brand specialises in vibrational healing jewellery, featuring gemstones that heal, regenerate, harmonise, cleanse and heighten the inner frequencies of human auras. Cliff designs and handcrafts all his pieces, using only the finest precious metals, vibrational gemstones and quartz. “These socially conscious gifts are your wearable friends who will support you through your journeys in life, in creativity and in empowered manifestations,” he says. 6025 8660 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - Cliff Von Edge

#5. Difv-Art

Hong Kong-based French artist Fabienne Veryepe founded DiFV-art in October last year, and she uses art to express her emotions in drawing, painting and handwriting. Fabienne likes to work with acrylics, watercolours and inks (independently or mixed) to offer original, unique and handpainted canvases inspired by Hong Kong’s views, life and traditions. She can produce paintings to order, or greeting cards, handmade coasters and hand-painted mugs, and offers drawing workshops for people looking to learn techniques or after a relaxing hobby. 9623 5210 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - difv art

#6. Atelier YVF

Atelier YVF was established by Yasmina Viale-Fraine when she moved to Hong Kong from Paris in 2011, but she has been creating wedding gowns since the late 1990s. Her bespoke gowns showcase artistic, modern bohemian and luxurious designs and styles that, combined with couture methods and custom-made embroideries, fit brides of all sizes and shapes. The atelier imports the finest fabrics and offers a collection of Asian silks from China, Korea and Japan, and French laces from Calais, Chantilly, Lyon and Alençon. All gowns are manufactured at the atelier where Yasmina receives her clients by appointment only. 5186 1061 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - atelier YVF

#7. Maggris Fine Jewellery Boutique

Looking for a special piece of jewellery? Maggris Fine Jewellery Boutique creates special event jewels, such as wedding rings, diamond rings and anniversary gifts, as well as items suitable for everyday use. Pieces are carefully designed with an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. “Our goal is ensuring all customers feel good about our products and services,” manager Maggie Chan says. Maggris also provides different types of after-sales services, including a cleaning service that’s free of charge, and a whole-life warranty. 2301 4088 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - maggris

#8. Neatfreaks

Hands up if you’re always scrabbling around in the bottom of a tote bag? If so, you’ll want to check out NeatFreaks beauty bags. Owner Sanchita Daswani says the NeatFreaks vision is to make the world a neater place. The line of funky bags costs between HK$100 and $250. They’re durable, water-resistant and have compartments to store and easily find your skincare and makeup essentials. “These beauty bags help the modern-day woman get more organised by keeping her tangibles in place, so she can focus on the intangible and continue to be the superwoman that she is,” Sanchita says. 9125 9533 |

Prestige Fairs Hong Kong - neatfreaks

The Prestige Summer Holiday Shopping Fair is on from 10am to 7pm on Monday, 4 June. It’s open to the public and admission is free.

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