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Why a little bit of postnatal pampering is a great option for new mums

From restoring your figure and energy levels to helping ease discomfort after delivery, the benefits of Jamu massage and postpartum abdominal binding have been known for centuries. It can provide some welcome postnatal pampering after giving birth. Mother-of-two Jessica Tanhuber started practising these ancient Javanese techniques after she had trouble finding a practitioner in Hong Kong. Mummies and Bellies has since grown to include more therapists.

postnatal pampering: A visual record of the 10-day package undertaken by Evelyn Choi
A visual record of the 10-day package undertaken by Evelyn Choi

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Evelyn Choi used Mummies and Bellies after the birth of each of her two children. She opted for the 10-day package both times.

“The service is professional and experienced,” she says. “I had seen great results when I tried this three years ago, after I delivered my first baby. For my second delivery, I chose Mummies and Bellies without any hesitation, and this time Grace was attending to me.

“She was very patient and her massage was very good. She gave me tips about how to maintain my body after I finished my 10-day programme. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, because I can see the results and their service is excellent.”

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