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Planning a baby shower in Hong Kong

A baby shower is a very special occasion – when the mum-to-be gets to be in the spotlight before attention shifts to the impending baby. If you’re organising a baby shower for a friend, here’s a checklist to take the stress out of what will be a fun get-together.

  • Set a budget and work out how much you want to spend. Also decide whether you need to co-opt any friends to lend a hand.
  • Write the guest list: the number of guests often affects the location and budget.
  • Pick a venue. Where will the party be held? Indoors or outdoors? At home, a restaurant, a club? Make sure it is large enough to hold your guests.
  • Decide on a date and time. Check that the venue and caterers will be available on that date. Showers are normally held on a Saturday or Sunday, four to eight weeks prior to the due date.
  • Decide on a theme. If the sex is known, will the decorations be blue or pink? If not, go for something bright and cheerful, like lemon.
  • Send out the invites. Invitations can be sent online, purchased from a stationery store or handmade. Don’t forget to include a phone number or email address to RSVP. Send them a month or so prior to the date.
  • Decide on the decorations: balloons, streamers, children’s clothes hung on a makeshift clothesline. Plan what to include in take-home favour bags, if you are supplying these.
  • Plan what to eat and drink, and what tableware will be needed: work with the restaurant, or if you are doing it yourself, organise caterers or plan a menu of what you will make. Choose tasty, easy-to-eat foods. If you are having the party at home, enlist help from other friends and family. This will ensure it runs smoothly, and you enjoy it too.
  • Think about what games and activities are appropriate and what the mum-to-be will enjoy.
  • Finally, check that the camera batteries are charged. Assign one person the task of taking photos, to be given to the mother-to-be later, and designate another to write down the names of all gifts (and who they are from) so that the new mum can write thank you notes after the shower.


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