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Photographer Larry Yau shows us how to take a great portrait for family, pregnancy and baby photography

We caught up with photographer Larry Yau for some insights into his studio, Cozy Photo Hub, and how to take great portrait photos of pregnancy photography, baby photography and more.

When and how did you get into photography? What was your first camera?
I’ve been a photographer for five years, shooting everything from weddings to family photos. My first camera was a Polaroid.

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Why did you decide to specialise in portraiture?
For the interaction. I like to communicate with people, and the more you understand a person, the better the facial expression you can capture when you photograph them. I also like knowing that people are satisfied with my photos of them.

Tell us about the physical set-up of Cozy Photo Hub studio.
Our concept is to introduce a homely feel to the studio, reflecting the warm, natural and relaxed style that most people who live in Hong Kong love. Because of the limited space in Hong Kong compared with other places, it’s not easy to gather a bunch of people in one location for a shoot, so our studio solves that problem.

What are some of your favourite Hong Kong locations for photography?
Besides the studio, I would say Sai Kung and Nam Sang Wai.

Phone cameras: good thing or bad thing?
Good thing! They’re user-friendly and convenient for capturing photos.


Photographer tips and techniques
It’s one thing to enjoy taking photos of people; it’s another thing entirely to do it well. We asked Larry about his approach to different shoots.

Newborn babies: “Babies don’t have much facial expression – except when they’re crying! So it’s a good idea to use props to enhance the photo.”

Toddlers: “Because they don’t have a great attention span, toddlers need an assistant on hand, or some toys or objects which can draw their attention.”

Teenagers: “Some teenagers aren’t aware of the angles or facial expressions that show them in the best light; I monitor this, then I let them know how they can present themselves in a confident way.”

Couples: “Couples generally don’t present naturally in front of the camera at first, so I often need to use more communication and gradually lead up to the best shot.”

Families: “Atmosphere is essential with families, so the more interaction that can be created between family members, the better.”

Cozy Photo Hub has launched a new pricing plan that includes no payment for 90 minutes of a photo session. For more details about the studio, call 2336 3619 or visit


Cozy Photo Hub, Suite D, 7/F, Tower A, Billion Centre, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon