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Photo series: The favorite images of Hong Kong photographers

Be it lighting, composition, subject matter – there’s quite a lot that goes into creating stunning photography. In our six part series, we chat to Jack Lui about his favourite image, ‘Wonderland’.

‘I wanted to create the mood and feel of a mother enjoying a quiet moment with her baby-in-tummy, surrounded by the warm sunlight in a magical forest. She’s listening and feeling the little movements of the baby inside. No one can disturb them in this God created wonderland.


The picture was taken at a park in Sai Kung. It’s a perfect location with lots of the forest backdrop at my imagination’s disposal. It was late afternoon when the sun was at the perfect angle, showering a golden light on the woods. It has very minimal post editing – only a little lighting and colour enhancement. With the right angle at the right time, you can get this magical effect – a growing subject in the magically lit woods.

Photography is like painting with lights. What the photographer has in mind is yet to be portrayed by a good location with good lights and a perfect pose. Creating a warm and comfortable feeling is important for a maternity shoot. It’s essential to get the right sunlight. The woods can’t look dark and creepy.

With just a little direction, we got the mother in the right mood and right pose. The magic can then just happen. The Alice in the Wonderland theme is a concept I have had in mind for a while.  When Courtney approached me for an outdoor maternity shoot, this immediately came to mind!

Whenever a client comes to me for a portrait session, I would always suggest a location shoot first. I always love to bring my clients to some special location showcasing something unique. There are always challenges when you are out in the wild. But it’s also the time when you have to trust your photographer. It’s the time for his creativity to fly! That’s why I love this!’

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