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Relocating pets – what to consider

In our regular column On The Move, the team from Asian Tigers Mobility provides different types of relocation advice for anyone coming to Hong Kong or heading off on a new assignment. Here, they look at what to consider when moving with pets.

“What do I need to consider as a pet owner if I’m relocating?”

Being a responsible pet owner is keeping in mind that things may not go as you expect. Of course, when you move countries, you want it to be with your lovely pets, but there are situations that can make this impossible. Not all pets can be easily relocated. If they’re very old or in poor health, relocating them forcibly is a risk for the flight and the quarantine period. Even if your pets are healthy, there are still limitations that may hinder the move of them to your new country, such as the immigration rules around specific species, the size or type of the house or apartment you’re moving to, and so on.

moving pets in Hong Kong

As a responsible owner, you may need to rehome your pets under these circumstances. If you have a trustworthy family member or friend who can help, that’s the best solution. You can ensure a safe new life for your pets and still be able to visit them whenever you’re back home. Alternatively, you can seek help from reputable animal charities. Most of them can keep your pets until they find new owners to rehome them with.

Separating from your beloved pets is a tough call. We know it. It’s not a desirable outcome, but you can still do your best to take care of their future by finding a rehoming solution.

Got more questions about pet relocation? Contact Asian Tigers for further assistance.

Asian Tigers Mobility provides international relocation solutions for more than 16,000 families each year, with offices in 14 different territories.

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