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Hit those fitness goals with a personal trainer

By: Brooke Chenoweth

If you are looking to get into shape for summer, then check out what fitness classes are on offer from ZingaraFit’s experienced instructors. ZingaraFit is an online community for people to share, discover and book a diverse range of activities, no matter where they are. By taking care of bookings and financial transactions, ZingaraFit makes the process of selecting and booking a training session as simple and convenient as possible. ZingaraFit personal trainer Olya Korzh shares her fitness tips.

What’s your personal fitness regime like?

I exercise 10 to 12 hours a week doing different sports and activities. I do gym workouts, weights, spinning, plyometrics, yoga, swimming and running, and I’m currently learning how to windsurf. I like to mix things up and learn new things. For me, it’s all about having fun and trying new activities. If I don’t feel like exercising, it’s my body telling me that it’s time to rest; then I take time off or have an easy day.

Zingarafit personal trainer Olya Korzh
Olya says it’s important to find exercise that is fun!

What do you eat to stay healthy?

Ideally, I prefer to eat plant-based, whole food when I can.

How did you get involved with ZingaraFit?

I was introduced to ZingaraFit through a fellow swimmer. As a freelance instructor, it’s a great way to gain more exposure and helps complement other efforts I’m making to reach more clients. It’s free and easy to use, and it gives me a wider access to people in Hong Kong.

What are your top tips for people looking to get in shape in 2018?

Getting in shape will take time. Consistency and perseverance will bring good results. Please stay away from all fad diets, self prescribed supplements and other quick fixes. Nourish yourself with healthy food. Join a fun exercise group, try something new, and enjoy your fitness journey. You need to find the kind of exercise or sport that makes you happy, and just have fun. In our Bootcamp classes and Running For Endurance programme, fun is the number one priority; fitness always happens as a by-product of fun.

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