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Part four: How these Hong Kong photographers are inspired by their favourite images

There’s limited time to capture a newborn’s precious first few days in the world, and the happiness of a family addition. We chat to photographer Tracy Leung on how she composed her favourite family images.

‘These are photos from sessions that two families booked with me – one booked a family lifestyle session and the other a newborn session. Any lifestyle session require a lot of interaction from the family members. This is often a natural thing – it comes from within. It allows for the capture of beautiful photos during moments when they are chitchatting, playing, and just having fun with each other.

A newborn shoot is different: it needs a perfect mix and match of great colours and lighting. It’s also a core part of the shoot to ‘babysit’ the baby, allowing them to pose at ease, and then making the photo shoot happen.

Newborn sessions are my signature; in these photo shoots, I aim at posing a newborn baby so that he or she is almost like a work of art – in this way the image is praising the arrival of this new life. The ‘curl’ of a baby’s body as it sleeps gives a real sense of the preciousness of a newborn. As a viewer, you think ‘Life is just amazing!’

These pictures demonstrate the various elements that my photography exhibits: a natural feel, plenty of warmth and sweetness, and lots of emotion. The newborn picture demonstrates the technique of capturing a baby in a pose that makes it feel more like a piece of art.’

Tracey Leung can be found at Honeychild Photography. For more images, visit her blog.