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Our top Christmas movies: Expat Living’s favourite festive flicks

The month of December means it’s time to snuggle up for a Christmas movie marathon – whether you’re surrounded by snow or by an electric blanket to save your feet from the freezing cold marble floor.  Here are the EL team’s top picks for holiday-time flicks.


Top Christmas movies, Expat Living, festive flicks, Elf

“I love the Christmas silliness of Elf – it’s the first Christmas film I watch every year, and it always puts me in a festive mood.” – Natalie Whittell, Brand Communications Manager

Elf! I can pretty much quote this entire film from my university days, and I have around 723 favourite parts. It’s silly, cute and LOL-funny, plus I get teary during the festive carolling at the end. I have to watch it at least three times in December, otherwise it’s just not Christmas.” – Rachael Wheeler, Online Editor


Top Christmas movies, Expat Living, festive flicks, Love Actually

Love Actually
“My top holiday flick is Love Actually. Then, on Boxing Day, it’s a total contrast, and my family gets stuck into the Lord of the Rings trilogy; there’s a bit of love in there too.” – Katie Roberts, Life & Family Editor

“My pick is Love Actually because it’s sweet and romantic, and just what you need on Christmas Day to make you feel like the world is a better place.” – Susannah Jaffer, Fashion, Hair & Beauty Editor

“No matter your age, you can relate to the characters in Love Actually and what they are experiencing – unrequited love, betrayal, romance and above all, hope. It’s set around Christmas time, so it’s the perfect Christmas movie. With so many of the top British actors in it, it’s got to be good – and it’s always nice to have a change from the generic Hollywood bunch. There’s going to be at least one character you can relate to – Bill Nighy is mine. It must be because I’m also an old groover!’  – Rebecca Bisset, Editor-in-Chief


Top Christmas movies, Expat Living, festive flicks, The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton’s stop-motion animations are always magical (if a bit macabre)! It’s less campy than most other Christmas films but still manages to be delightfully amusing with fun musical numbers.” – Cherylene Chan, Junior Online Editor

Trading Places
‘It ain’t cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving!’. Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy are da bomb in John Landis’ 1980s Christmas tale, Trading Places. My husband and I will speak to each other only in Trading Places movie quotes for an entire week – we love this movie so much. No matter where we have lived in the world during the holidays, we will make sure we watch this film. – Michelle Wonderland, Online Editor


Harry Potter
“During the holidays, I love watching any of the Harry Potter movies because they remind me of the UK – grand scenes of the British countryside, often snowy, with lots of magic woven in.” – Amy Brook-Partridge, Home & Property Editor


Top Christmas movies, Expat Living, festive flicks, Four Christmases

Four Christmases
“I love Four Christmases. The dysfunctional family madness is always entertaining, and the church nativity scene (‘swaddle that baby!’) is laugh-out-loud hilarious every time I watch it.” – Amy Greenburg, Arts & Leisure Editor