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Online supermarkets, grocers, and food stores in Hong Kong

A common complaint here is that supermarkets just aren’t like they are “back home”. And that’s true, to an extent; it can be hard to find everything you need in the one place. But with Hong Kong doing a roaring trade in imported goods, you’ll have access to a whole new range of foods that you never knew you wanted. If you’re flexible and a little adventurous, you’ll probably find all you need and more – but be prepared to change the way you shop for groceries!


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All the food you need without the hassle



There are two main supermarket chains, Wellcome and ParknShop, and both offer online shopping and delivery (in certain areas), which is useful for the weekly shop and bulky items.

ParknShop has a few other sub-branches: Fusion, Taste and International.  These cater more for expats, with a larger range of imported and familiar brands from the US, the UK and Australia. ParknShop’s flagship food hall GREAT in Pacific Place is a foodie paradise with possibly the largest range of gourmet produce in HK.

Wellcome operates two other noteworthy stores: Oliver’s The Delicatessen in the Prince’s Building is an upmarket supermarket with a good selection of imported fruit and vegetables, meat and branded goods. ThreeSixty located in Elements, Kowloon, offers possibly the largest range of organic and natural products in the city. Their smaller chain, Market Place by Jason, also offers a decent range of Asian and Western products.

Other supermarkets include City’Super, with branches in Causeway Bay, Sha Tin and IFC, stocking a range of imported brands and speciality Japanese food. And for American families, many popular brands can be found at A&M stores (Central and Stanley) and Gateway.


Tip: Shop with a list, and sign up for the loyalty cards offered by the supermarkets – these come with some great discounts and vouchers attached.


How would you usually carry all your groceries home?
How would you usually carry all your groceries home?


Online Food Stores

Unless you shop solely at the local markets, most of your food will come with a hefty carbon footprint. But the number of flights that come in and out of Hong Kong each day means that you can but almost everything you need directly from an importer. There are a number of online grocers here, delivering fresh food from around the world.


Pacific Gourmet: Specialises in fresh meat and fish from Australia, New Zealand and Norway.


Fresh Grower: Stocks seasonal fresh veg from Perfect Produce Farm in NZ. Online and two stores, at Wan Chai and Sai Wan.


MM Fresh Food: Supplies fresh seafood, meat, and seasonal fruit and veg boxes from Tasmania. Super-handy kids portions and family packs available.


Jett Foods: Online delivery of gourmet meat, fish, sausages and vegetables.


South Stream Seafood: Stocks a great range of fresh and frozen meat, seafood and other groceries such as bread, dairy, baby food, pantry items and eggs. It also sometimes has organic fruit and veg.


Chef’s Choice: A speciality meat shop and deli offering great value imported meat and fish, as well as a selection of marinated meat ready to barbecue.


Secret Ingredient: Prepares restaurant-quality meals for you to assemble at home in around 20 minutes, complete with cooking instructions.


Honest Bee:  With over 10,000 products online from nappies to wine and everything in between, their 1-hour same day delivery service is unbeatable.


Fresh meals delivered to your door? Yes please!
Fresh meals delivered to your door? Yes please!

Meal Plans


Eatology is a tailor-made healthy living meal programme that is delivered to your home or office every day (up to 3 meals a day). With the aim to help eliminate eating the wrong foods at the wrong time, and with a strong focus on organic ingredients, Eatology designs you your own personal menu each day with a breakdown of nutritional information. We’ve tried it ourself and the quality of the food, (and service; who can complain having your breakfast delivered to your door just as you wake up) the variety and the price really impressed us. Eatology is perfect for anybody who finds them self with little time to cook and compromising on healthy foods because of it, or anybody that just wants to take the hassle of deciding what to eat everyday away. They also cater for the vegetarian/vegan community and are about to launch a meatless programme.

For more information on where to eat in and around Hong Kong head on over to our wine and dine page. Just don’t look while you are hungry…