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News: Fight Club in Hong Kong catering to the rich expat? When the Bro-Code goes too far

Finance and bank expats come for illegal fight club news
Credit: Mark James

In the light of the Wan Chai double murders of women whom the public has labeled “sex workers” and “prostitutes” at the hands of a wealthy expat banker comes the latest jawdropping tale of expat excess – a real life Fight Club in Hong Kong.

Say what?

From the OMG files, for $30k HKD, alpha males can bask in an evening of unadulterated misogyny and violence. A misleadingly labeled “fundraising event” in the name of white collar boxing, Hong Kong’s Fight Club features an evening of ‘booze, girls, ‘adult entertainment,’ thick dry-aged steaks, and an illegal, no-holds-barred, underground bare-knuckle boxing match‘ in an undisclosed location.


The night starts with stand up comedy and is followed by the best steak Hong Kong has to offer (and we’re not even referring to the ringside women thought of as prime meat).

Hong Kong’s Fight Club is rumoured to have started over three years ago in secret locations where no women are allowed in the arena of sex, drugs, violence and gluttony. This is where the Bro-Code is honoured to a T – where ‘good, clean fun’ devolves into hedonistic, Neanderthal culture that goes too far for most.