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New Restaurants in Hong Kong: FRITES by Belgium on Tap, Causeway Bay

By: Sarah Richard

Along with the new bars in Hong Kong, we also scour out the best new restaurants. This month we went to FRITES by Belgium on Tap

First Impressions

Arriving at Haven street in Causeway Bay, I couldn’t help but remember the last time I was there, way back in March for the Rugby 7’s. The street was crowded with party goers and rugby lovers. Thankfully what greeted me this time was the after work bustle and hungry residents looking for the hottest spot; I followed most of them into FRITES by Belgium on Tap at the end of Haven. Upon entering, I couldn’t believe what an awesome space they had, high ceilings, wide walkways and a pretty impressive bar. Let’s hope the food was as spectacular as the surroundings we were about to eat in.


1/2 Kilo of 'Laska' Mussels
1/2 Kilo of ‘Laska’ Mussels


I’d had a crazy week with no time to catch up with friends, so I definitely wanted to take advantage of trying out a few of the 70 beers they had on the menu. Bringing along one of my best girlfriends that I hadn’t seen for a while called for a Hoegaarden Rose, one of our favourite beers.

The Food

If you’ve heard about FRITES before it is probably because of their bucket of mussels, and to say I was excited to see if these lived up to the expectation was an understatement, however, I calmed myself with a spontaneous choice of a starter. That being the Prawn Cocktail ($175)Tiger prawns, tobiko, butter lettuce and Marie rose sauce which consisted of 4 huge prawns with a good covering of sauce. A classic dish done really well.

Now was time for the famous Mussel Pots. We went for the ‘Laksa’, which consisted of coconut cream, lemongrass and kaffir lime in an aromatic curry sauce. Available in either half-kilo ($225) or kilo ($375) portions served with fries and mayo, we went for the half-kilo to share, as we also planned to get a main course. The mussels were, without a doubt, the best I had in Hong Kong. They were HUGE, and so full of flavour; the broth was simply stunning and perfect to dip fries in. The half-kilo portion was very generous and as amazing as they were, I don’t think we could have finished the kilo portion, especially with the amount of fries they came with. After a break from eating and a few more glasses of Belgium beer, we were ready for the main course.


14oz grilled USDA 1855 black Angus ribeye, lettuce leaf salad, frites and truffle butter
14oz grilled USDA 1855 black Angus ribeye, lettuce leaf salad, frites and truffle butter

As recommended by the server, we choose the Steak and Frites ($375), a 14oz grilled USDA 1855 black Angus ribeye, lettuce leaf salad, frites and truffle butter. Realising the server hadn’t asked us how we like our steak done, I was hesitant about what was to arrive. Turns out he knew how two twenty-something girls liked their steak prepared, and it came out perfectly cooked medium-rare (lucky guess there, as it could have gone oh so wrong). The truffle butter really did it for me, as it generously melted over the rib eye it complimented the beef in a subtle, yet flavoursome way. Everyone knows we have a different stomach for dessert, and as full as I was, I couldn’t resist a Belgian Waffle. Unfortunately, it was a little dry and could have done with a bit more sauce.


If you hadn’t guessed it by now, I loved FRITES by Belgium on Tap! Dining in such a grand space, without the price tag that is usually attached to this kind of restaurants, was a very satisfying feeling! The mussels really were spectacular, and even so, I don’t know if I am giving them enough praise. I am still surprised at how reasonable the prices were for such high-quality food. I’ll definitely be back, and this time I’m bringing more than one friend!

FRITES CAUSEWAY BAY | Shop 1, G/F, Park Haven,
38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, 2142 5233