Fun Christmas recipe ideas we love!

It’s time to get festive! Heading to a Christmas party and not sure what to bring? We’ve got you! Turkey, gravy and stuffing are delicious – obviously, but if you are looking for something out of the ordinary these recipes are for you. Among the places where we found our foodie inspiration is Pinterest – don’t forget to follow us over there too: expatlivingHK.

Nice (healthy recipes)

Between all the sweets and chocolate it can become a bit much, so we’ve found some healthy festive treats to break up the sugar high (sort of!).

Celery Reindeers

Is it sweet or savoury? we aren’t sure! but these are a sure to be a family favourite. Recipe here.

healthy christmas

Pita Trees

It’s easy to get carried away with all the sweet treats but this is a great savoury appetiser to serve at a party. Full recipe here.

Strawberry Santas

It was hard to decide if these were naughty or nice but they were without a doubt too cute to miss! We love this festive take on strawberries and cream. Recipe here.

Strawberry santas

Candy Cane Snack

Here’s one for those who are time short and technically challenged. Bananas and strawberries cut into slices and arranged into a candy cane.

Xmas recipe easy

Naughty recipes

Snowman Chocolate Bark

Recipe here.

Christmas Present Oreo Balls

This is a no bake recipe so it’s super easy as well as delicious. Full recipe here.

Christmas Tree Waffles

Green and red dye is always this time of year for making normal cookies into Grinch cookies as well as these Christmas waffles. Recipe here.

Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

How cute are these?! A great little light dessert bite. Recipe here.

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