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Need catering for your event? Castelo Concepts is the catering answer for all your party food needs

Well-known for its success with restaurants such as Jaspa’s, Oolaa, Wagyu, Pepperoni’s and Zaks, Castelo Concepts also boasts a catering service that is quickly gaining fans, whether your needs are for canapes, party food, boardroom catering, junk trip catering, or corporate catering. Expat Living chatted with the group’s Brian Parfitt. Catering by Castelo Concepts for your party, event, buffet or office delivery just made everything a lot easier.

When did the idea for a catering arm of the business come about?
We’ve actually been catering to various parties and fundraising and charity events since our inception in 1992. We’ve always supported the local community – in the early days, school fairs were a regular part of the business. The service has just extended over time.

Brian Parfitt of Castelo Concepts

In a nutshell, what’s the aim of Castelo Catering?
If you have an idea for an event, occasion or party, then we have the resources, people and places to make it a success. Our team is well versed in all aspects of party planning and event catering. No job event is too big or small, and most importantly we are flexible and adaptable to most requests.

Is there a minimum or maximum group size that you cater to?
Size has never been a problem for us; we cater for any event, big or small. We do many corporate events, boardroom catering, private parties or intimate dinner parties – anything from five to 500 and more. This year, we did the catering at the players’ village during the Hong Kong Sevens; it was a very large undertaking as we fed all the players and officials – over 2,000 meals a day.

Do people choose a menu from a particular Castelo Concepts restaurant or are the options more varied?
We can custom-create a catering menu based on any theme or requirement. All our restaurants offer catering packages to suit most budgets. We have a very experienced team of chefs that can tailor a menu to almost any request.

Jaspa’s, Oolaa, Wagyu, Pepperoni’s and Zaks

What are some of the popular dishes or snacks on your catering menus?
Most often it’s the basics that are most popular, but our services cover a broad range of menus, from an elaborate six-course dinner to kids’ pizza parties. Every event is different, so flexibility is the key.

What about if people have an idea for an event but nowhere to hold it?
We’ve held events in some truly unique locations, so most times we can help out. We also do many events in our own venues, which are well equipped for a variety of uses. We also have access to marquees and equipment, so if you have the space we have the solution.

We try to be a one-stop shop, so given a suitable lead time and an idea of budget, we can assist to tailor-make any event and provide all the relevant resources to fill most requests.

The business had its beginnings in Sai Kung, where you still live. How long have you been there?
Since we arrived in Hong Kong almost 20 years ago.

Has it changed?
It’s definitely a lot busier, which I don’t mind – it brings new opportunities and more resources to the area – as long as it continues to retain its original charm. It’s still very much a place where families can have a sense of community. Some great people live in Sai Kung. I love it.

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