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Moving home or office in Hong Kong

Moving is generally a stressful thing – one that would be almost impossible to make enjoyable. Still, it can at least be easier, and knowing what to expect on moving day is a good first step. For some answers, we turned to Hong Kong-based professional moving company BALtrans. Here’s their rundown on what’s involved, from start to finish, during a typical relocation experience.

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It’s moving time



#1 Surveying the Situation

“The first step is a ‘Pre-Move Survey’. This is a chance to let the movers know what your expectations are and ask all the questions you have. The things you will need to consider are, whether or not you want your stuff moved by air or sea, if you want it all delivered to your door or to the nearest port, what you want to send with the removalists, packing and moving dates, if you need any extra services at either end, and whether or not there are customs or quarantine regulations at either end. Be sure to take advantage of the mover’s expert knowledge – they’ve done this a few times!”


#2 Money Talks

“After completing the survey you’ll get a quote, which will include a detailed breakdown of all expenses. You’ll need to confirm and submit all the necessary paperwork, at which point the mover should be able to lock in your packing and moving dates. Insurance is a good idea, just as a precaution, and at this point in the process you’ll receive a policy and coverage details, a valuation for all your valuables, and an application for additional coverage – should you feel you need it.”
#3 Pack it Up

“Before the packers arrive it’s a good idea to make plans to be out of the house. Not only do you want to avoid getting in their way, but watching strangers put your life into boxes can be incredibly nerve-wracking! Again, it’s important to remember that these guys are experts, and they will take the utmost care. They also have access to all sorts of packing materials and tools – from waxed papers, double-walled cardboard, tissue paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam padding, to dehumidifiers, silica gel and moisture absorbers; they’ll use whatever is most appropriate for each item. Everything that’s packed will be numbered and marked with your name and packing location.”


#4 Ship it Off

“Once everything is packed, it’s taken away to be shipped by your preferred method. The moving team will provide you with the vessel/flight details, estimated departure and arrival date of shipment, and the contact details for their destination agent. The destination agent is your go-to guy for all things related to the arrival of your shipment – customs checks, storage, handyman services and delivery.”


#5 You’ve Reached Your Destination

“Depending on which shipping method you chose, it won’t be long before all your belongings arrive safely at your new home. The movers then take care of the unpacking and setting up of furniture, with a detailed list to make sure everything did arrive. They even take the rubbish and empty boxes away. Then all that’s left for you to do is to make yourselves at home!”

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