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More gadgets: Awesome techy toys and gift ideas for for men and boys

By: Jake Riggir

Have a birthday, anniversary or congratulatory gift that needs to be bought? Jake Riggir gives his tips on awesome tecchy stuff that men want (nay – need) to own…



If you’re one who ranks camera performance higher than battery life as a deciding factor in buying a smartphone, you’ll love the new Oppo N3. We’re not entirely sure about the mathematics of it, but the Oppo N3’s 16-megapixel camera rotates 208 degrees to get you any angle you need; selfie opps galore, for those with a narcissistic bent.


We love our watches here at EX, and we also love our golf – even if our bogeys tend to come in triples. The graphical display on the TomTom Golfer displays course data for over 34,000 courses around the world, including those in Singapore. Join your friends or colleagues for a round and you’ll be an expert on any course. (It won’t get rid of your slice though.)


Yes, this makes it two gadgets in the same article that’ll help turn you into the Rory Mcllroy of the office. Simply plug this golf simulator into your computer, and you have an 18-hole golf course at your fingertips. Guaranteed to improve your gameplay, the device allows instant competition via online gameplay and scorecards. (This one won’t get rid of your slice either – sorry.)


Smartwatches may be a bit too much for some who are looking for a minimalistic yet stylish look. Though the NÉVO doesn’t have the endless functions of, say, the Apple Watch, it still provides an activity tracker and alert notification through LED lights on the face. It looks great too, and you’ll feel more like you’ve got a slick-looking watch around your wrist rather than just a gadget.


There are two things that we always seem to be asking people for: a pen and a phone charger. So we’ve been searching for this kind of double-duty device for years, but expecting only to find it introduced by Q in the next James Bond film. Now it’s available to everyone: the world’s first pen equipped with a phone charger. Back To The Future didn’t predict this one for 2015.


We’re always switching between our phones, tablets and laptops – it’s how we live our modern lives. If we could literally put these devices together, wouldn’t it make multi-tasking easier? That’s exactly what the Mountie offers. Now you can be doing all the things you have to do on one device, while wasting a bit of time on the other. The perfect invention for procrastinators.


If you’re a writer, it can be frustrating trying to stay focused without getting distracted by the internet. Though not an official product yet, this Kickstarter project – The Hemingwrite – is a writing platform that allows you to lock yourself away and get the job done. It utilises the cloud when you need access to your documents, but there’s no browser (so no Buzzfeed!) and no mindless games to play.