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What’s in the stars for you this April?

It’s a good month to be a Gemini, with those born under the sign of the twins going to have a fantastic month! But who needs to look at their finances? Find out more in our monthly horoscopes.

monthly Horoscope: what's in store this month?
What’s in store for you this month


It’s a month where you put things right when it comes to your relationship with your finances. The key is to spread your spending. Prioritising your needs over your wants would be a good start. Be meticulous in your financial planning. There is really no special recipe to this. It’s all going to be common sense and probably advice that you’ve heard before but chosen to ignore. Only by taking these tried and tested steps do you set things right for yourself financially. Not only will you enjoy a sense of freedom as energy is released from all that worrying, but you’ll discover abundant opportunities leading to your prosperity


You’re feeling extremely determined this month to make your dreams come true; by starting a new career, business venture, a hobby or even pursuing a new skill or study that leads you to feeling fulfilled. It doesn’t seem like any ordinary pursuit, too, but rather something that seems well thought out and allows you to express yourself creatively. Your state of being by the end of the month will be that of a person who feels like they’ve had all their wishes granted.


A fantastic month awaits Gemini this April! Your grand scheme rolls out just the way you imagined it to. You have reflected on your past and understood all the mistakes and won’t be repeating them again. Your heightened awareness and maturity clears your vision, making the path to success easier than it has ever been. You will experience completion as everything comes together nicely – an improved career, an increase in financial reserves, a new home or even a long-term commitment to a relationship.


It’s relationship alert this April! Communication seems the solution for your feelings of being heavily disappointed to an extent of feeling betrayed. But the good thing to come out of all of this is a test of your inner strength and emotional maturity. It might be easier to walk away, but it takes a lot of fortitude to face the music and the result will be rewarding. Expect a challenging month ahead while you try to stay afloat and move past your “victim” attitude.

LEO JUL 23 – AUG 22

Tread where you never dared to before is the theme of the month. You’ll be doing things out of your comfort zone by exploring ideas that you never entertained before. These explorations are being taken as a long-term view of where you’d like to see yourself several years from now. You might consider taking up some new study or skill to equip yourself for your radical future ahead. Imagine monetising a hobby where it would feel like you never have to work a day in your life! So, put on your thinking caps and start thinking out of the box this April!


You aren’t about to give up on achieving your goals this month. Obstacles won’t deter you from being focused and determined to reach your end destination of having a more comfortable financial position in your life. It’s a month where you find yourself manifesting your dreams. Despite all the difficulties you’ve faced in your past, you feel extremely blessed to be on this journey. There is a sense of renewed hope and faith, and you seem to move forward with courage, calm and love this April.


This month, the spotlight is on your long-term plans. With your creative urge at its peak, you realise the potential for growth with your existing plans, so it’s time to start laying the foundation. The key is to cast your net further, to unfamiliar territory. Expand on your current plans by seeking personal growth in the form of travel, study or learning, or even entrepreneurship. Coupling your raw enthusiasm with well-informed decision-making will be your secret ingredient for a successful future.


Things come full circle at last! You’ve worked very hard and tackled all challenges head on to get here. Your confidence is soaring and so it’s time to finally celebrate. Use this opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends this month. A sense of nostalgia may creep in at some stage; by catching up with childhood friends, reminiscing about your childhood days or perhaps visiting a place from your childhood – all in the name of bringing an old familiar joy.


You try to make things right with your loved ones this April. You’ve noticed attention wavering from people that have shown their care and love towards you because they haven’t felt the same outpouring back from you. This has made you sit up and pay attention to how you’ve been treating everyone. Your life has been centred around chasing your career and money, which has resulted in you hurting and upsetting those close to you. A complete life is one where you have the support of people that love you and you reciprocate that to ensure harmony and happiness in your life. What is all that money for if you haven’t got anyone to share it with at the end of the day?


If you’ve been working towards achieving fulfilment in your career or business venture, it looks like this is the month where everything comes together. Working because it fuels your passion and not because of a means to an end naturally leads you to a healthy financial position. When monetary success becomes secondary to achieving inner satisfaction and fulfilment, money will flow! And you will clearly demonstrate that this April. You reach a very calm place in your life as you discover the key to your success. This newfound enthusiasm spurs you on to think about your next project.


It’s not a particularly good start to the month of April for Aquarius. Out of nowhere, you find yourself in the midst of a very stressful conflict with family or your partner. Unexpected words and views are exchanged. There was no clue or any inkling that unhappy feelings had been brewing. Hearing everyone’s perspective seems to be the way forward to resolve this conflict. Things do heal eventually. A situation that seemed beyond repair suddenly turns over and harmonious relationships are reinstated again.


There is an important lesson to be learnt this month about your relationship with money. You may have had a lack of it in your past, which has driven you to increase your monetary wealth. And, you have successfully done so. So much so, that it has led you to develop an attitude of greed and the need to measure your success with money. Disappointment does follow when you fail to acknowledge the value of intangible ways of measuring your success. A transformation of your relationship with money follows as soon as you realise this. So, good luck with learning your lesson successfully.

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