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Do you need a new mattress?

Struggling to get enough Z’s? If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, it might be time to go shopping for a new mattress. But what is best? Okooko by European Bedding’s Thijs Veyfeyken talks us through the advantages of choosing the right mattress.

What makes your latex mattresses a good option for Hong Kong?

They’re well-suited for all seasons, including warm and humid weather – the latex core inside is naturally resistant to dust mites and mould. They’re also designed with an open cell structure, pinholes, and no glue to promote proper air circulation. Every mattress is clothed in a removable cover, easily unzipped all around and dry-cleaned. And the ease of keeping the entire mattress free of allergens makes it perfect for allergy sufferers.

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Tell us a bit about the materials used in them.

We use only 100 percent certified natural organic latex in our mattresses. From soil to rubber sap to final product, every step in the process is strictly controlled; that means no pesticides, fertilisers, heavy metals, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or other chemicals that put your health in harm’s way.

Natural latex comes recommended by professionals as the best material for support. And our mattresses have seven firmness zones across their core that acknowledge and accommodate the body’s natural contours; that means your hips, back and neck can all enjoy just the right firmness.

What are some tips for choosing the right mattress?

Each person has a different body build and this determines the right mattress type for you. At Okooko by European Bedding, we have different firmnesses for each mattress model to better suit individual preferences. We can even combine different firmness levels in one king-size mattress, so both you and your partner can sleep in comfort. Besides carrying Asian and EU mattress sizes, we can also arrange for a custom mattress of any dimensions. Whether it’s a super long family mattress or a uniquely shaped boat mattress, we can make one for any size and space needed.

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What else can a shopper expect from a visit to Okooko by European Bedding?

The journey to that heavenly rest begins with shopping for a great mattress. We want to make that experience pain-free, personalised and thoroughly enjoyable. You can have all the space and time you need in the privacy of our sleep studio; you can ask us anything, and lie down for as long as you like! What’s more, service doesn’t stop once you make your purchase. We offer a 100-night trial on our mattresses and bed bases, and we’re confident that our sleep system will transform your night for the better.

Okooko by European Bedding is at 13/F, The Plaza LKF, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Central | 2870 1132 | europeanbedding.hk

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