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Maternity style: Discovering fashion during pregnancy with our Style Hunter

Forget the catwalk, the shop windows and the fashion bloggers. Sometimes, the best place for style inspiration is out on the streets. Our style hunter roams the island, camera-in-hand, ready to snap expats who exude individuality and a style of their own.

This month, personal stylist Ellen Lobler shares her tips on how to look chic throughout a pregnancy – yes, it’s possible!

Many women don’t spend much money on maternity wear as they figure it will only be worn for a few months; but even if you don’t get a lot of wear out of your outfits, it’s still nice to look the part! Here are a few tips for a stylish pregnancy:


  • Avoid loose clothing. Form-fitting pieces are much more flattering – show off that bump!
  • Wear block colours for a nice silhouette, but be careful with satin materials or very unforgiving, loud patterns.
  • Invest in a pair of maternity leggings – they’ll come in handy worn under tunics.
  • Invest in a pair of maternity skinny jeans for the stretch waistband!
  • Insider tip: Check out empire-style tops and tunics in regular shops; they can be ideal transitional items for the period when you are bigger than normal but not big enough for maternity wear.



Model: Deb Woodley-Page

From: Australia

Profession:    Voice-over artist

Photographer: Anna Bowkis Photography

Ellen is a Dutch stylist and personal shopper in Hong Kong, and writes about the latest trends for