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New scholarships at this HK school

Scholarships can be powerful pupil milestones, providing an advantage for young people from all walks of life. This type of merit-based prize can be life changing. Here in Hong Kong, there are some wonderful scholarship opportunities.

The recognition bestowed by this kind of scholarship can have a significantly positive impact on a pupil that lasts for years. Being recognised as a high academic achiever or someone with potential helps build confidence in young learners. For those who are gifted at sport, a scholarship can help build momentum and keep these future stars motivated.

The other great benefit of being awarded a scholarship is that it provides a third-party endorsement of distinction for pupils. To be able to distinguish yourself from your peers at a young age is useful when applying for colleges and other programmes.

scholarships in Hong Kong
Malvern College Hong Kong runs a comprehensive scholarship programme for bright and accomplished young learners

A new scholarship launches in Hong Kong

Here in Hong Kong, some of our most prestigious schools offer scholarship opportunities. Malvern College Hong Kong runs a comprehensive programme of this kind for bright and accomplished young learners. The school’s music and sports scholarships are available pupils from Prep 5 (age 9-10) and up. Academic, arts, drama and diversity scholarships are available from FY1 (age 11-12) onwards.

This year, the school has opened a new prestigious programme offering five additional academic awards, specifically set aside for external applicants for Remove (Year 10) and Hundred (Year 11).  The new scholarships include 100% tuition fees and a waiver of the school’s annual capital levy.

Scholarship students should be leaders who want to be actively involved the wider school community

Scholarship criteria

What does it take to secure a scholarship at Malvern College Hong Kong? We asked the team that exact question and they explained that the expectation would be that academic scholars establish a holistic balance. So, scholarship pupils must embrace the breadth of opportunities at MCHK and become deeply involved with the broader school community.

The MCHK team also informed us they’re looking for pupils who:

  • are academically and emotionally suited to the IB programme;
  • have an international outlook and an understanding of service;
  • are interested in a challenge;
  • have aspirations of further education that will be supported and enhanced by attendance at Malvern;
  • are willing to contribute to and enrich the Malvern community;
  • will benefit from the breadth of learning, co-curricular and academic enrichment opportunities on offer at MCHK; and
  • can deliver academic excellence but also the character strengths of perseverance, motivation, self-discipline and leadership.

So, if you think your child is a good scholarship candidate, contact the school for more information.

Malvern College Hong Kong is at 3 Fo Chun Road, Pak Shek Kok, New Territories.
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