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Manscaping: tips for male hair removal

By: Kate Farr

With more and more men looking for male hair removal guidance, we ask Sioban Guilfoyle, director of Glow Spa, about the options.

Male hair removal Glow Spa
Is your man a smooth operator?

Not so very long ago, a gentleman’s stock method of hair removal would consist of no more than a lather of shaving soap, a sharp razor and a steady hand. Fast forward a few years, and modern men are increasingly turning to technology to fight unwanted follicles.

Sioban has witnessed an increase in the number of customers enquiring about permanent male hair removal. “Whether it’s sportsmen wanting to be more streamlined, busy professionals who don’t have time for a home regime, or just regular guys who want to up their grooming game (or whose partners want them to!), it’s easier than ever before to achieve significant results.”

Most men who visit Glow want to tame bristly backs and coarse chest hair, with underarms, sideburns, ears and legs also popular areas for male hair removal. And with laser, IPL and SHR hair-removal treatments all offering permanently smooth results, time-poor guys can relax in the knowledge that, after a few short sessions, their depilation days are over for good.

How does it work?

The secret is in the science behind the smoothing. “During laser hair removal, a targeted treatment area is exposed to an intense pulse of single-frequency light, which is absorbed by the hair’s pigment, heating both the hair and its root ball while simultaneously reducing oxygen to the follicle. IPL works similarly, but uses light across a wide band of frequencies, which is less targeted and so can require more treatments than laser.”

Glow also offers state-of-the-art SHR removal, which is particularly well suited to male hair removal. “SHR gradually heats the dermis, effectively damaging the follicles and inhibiting hair growth,” explains Sioban. “It’s ideal for treating larger areas, like backs or chests, as well as light or fine hair, which has traditionally been harder to reduce.” All treatments typically take place over four to eight sessions, with final results depending on individual skin and hair colour and type.

The big question is, does permanent hair removal hurt? “You’ll experience something a bit like a hairbrush rolling against the skin, or a rubber band snapping.” Sioban explains that the machines have in-built cooling mechanisms to reduce discomfort. “We also encourage clients to work with their therapist to ensure that the sensations are bearable for them,” she adds. It’s worth noting, too, that SHR is highly effective and, for many clients, a more comfortable sensation than traditional laser hair removal, particularly over larger areas.

Whatever method you opt for, with the very latest technology at your fingertips you can bid farewell to stubble, and say hello to a smooth new you.

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