Learning at home during the Hong Kong protests (podcast)

This episode aims to give parents some practical tips on managing learning at home and assigned homework during school closures.

In this episode of Schools in Hong Kong, we’re skipping school again. It’s not by choice this time.  For many students and parents, Tuesday 19 November 2019 marked a week of school closures in our city due to the Hong Kong protests.

We’re all hoping for a peaceful resolution and to be back at school tomorrow but if we aren’t, it’s time to get serious about home learning.

So, we turned to an expert for some practical tips about managing school work at home in this very unique situation. Jerome shared his guidance on:

  • How to prepare and manage content sent from school
  • The physical set up of home learning
  • Managing technology
  • Timings – how long should students of various ages study for?
  • Trouble shooting and problem solving

The expert voice on this episode is Jerome Barty-Taylor, a name you probably recognise if you read Expat Living. Jerome and his team at Barty Education and Development work with all sorts of students across Hong Kong to support their learning goals. The last time we caught up with him was with his student Cloe Cheung who gave us some tips on what it takes to achieve a perfect 45 in the IB.

For more expert guidance on education and living in Hong Kong, visit https://expatliving.hk/

*Expat Living acknowledges the teaching community in Hong Kong who have been amazing this past week. They’re helping parents and students maintain momentum by setting up virtual classrooms, sending daily learning content, and consistently communicating with students and parents. It’s a huge job in uncertain times and ever-changing information – so thank you on behalf of the city’s parents and our kids. We hope to see you back at school soon!

If you are interested to learn more about Jerome, reach out to him via enquiries@bartyed.com or view this website bartyed.com

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