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Kids’ party planning: Stylish and unique children’s parties at your fingertips

Between them, the three founders of Poppy’s Trunk have six kids, so they know a thing or two about parties! After realising there was a demand for stylish and unique parties they created their party-planning business in 2013, and have been making partygoers happy ever since. Here, the co-founders tell us what it’s like when every day at work is a party.

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What’s in a name?

“The name ‘Poppy’s Trunk’ came from the idea that a poppy normally has up to six petals, representing the six kids we have between us. And we think of a trunk as a treasure chest that is filled up with all sorts of goodies and surprises, which is at the heart of what we do.

“We are basically party designers. Our mission is to make parties look amazing so that the host and guests are left with a long lasting memory. Our services range from designing and producing personalised cards and invitations to custom-made party décor, such as backdrops, banners, goody bags, and buntings.”


Not just for kids

“We started off doing lots of kids’ parties as that is definitely where the big demand is, but this year has been an amazing year for us as we have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work on several corporate events.

I want candy!

“Our most popular product is definitely our bespoke candy bars. We can proudly say that none of our bars are the same. So much passion is poured into each candy bar and every one is different and unique: from the colours of the ribbons to the type of candy used to match the theme, no detail is left unconsidered. We are all frequent flyers and this works to our advantage, as we can source and bring home some really amazing stuff from all over the world to use in our parties, which really works to our advantage.
“Favourite candy bar themes would probably have to be the Circus and Princess themes. Having said that, our clients are pretty creative and we have had some really fun party themes, such as Ice Cream Parlour, Pampering Spa, and Old Shanghai. We basically work with the client’s brief, so anything is possible!”

A sweet job

“We absolutely adore what we do. Every party is a new challenge and a chance for us to show off our passion, and we pour our hearts and souls into every job. As for the temptation, we have to admit that all three of us have a sweet tooth. We make it a point to do a taste test for everything we supply, so this business can be quite a threat to our waistlines, come to think of it – but we call it quality control! We are forever grateful for the chance to be able to make someone’s special day that much more special. The big smiles on their faces make all the work worthwhile.”