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Junk catering: Healthy food options

Junks. Let’s be honest: they aren’t our healthiest moments. There’s bubbles galore, a few Mai Tais and an avalanche of delicious bites to sop up the booze. However, it is possible to have a fun day on the water and stay healthy; you just need to know where to source your junk boat catering from.

Some people truly understand the importance of simple, tasty and nourishing food. The team at Le Pain Quotidien are those people; they specialise in healthy foods shared at communal tables. So, these are good people to get to know as junk season kicks off! They understand that not all junks are created equal, and some of us are keen to keep it a little cleaner, even when we’re up for a day of partying on the water.

“We work to put together a menu to suit your group’s needs,” says SONIA BAKKOURI, the brand’s operations manager. “We really offer something for everyone – the idea is that everyone gets something they want to eat on the day.” Sonia give us her green(er) junk recommendations, below.

lepainquotidien catering

#1 All A-board!

Your crew will love Le Pain Quotidien’s mixed-board approach to eating on a junk. There are tartine boards that offer a mix of Belgian open-faced sandwiches on organic bread that will be snapped up by the hungry hordes of swimmers and junk revellers – think smoked salmon, beetroot hummus, ham and cheese, chicken curry and more. Or, you can opt for a mini pastry board of muffins, croissant, pains au chocolat and other treats to keep little swimmers happy and full of energy.

#2 Fresh Juice Blends

Fresh juices should play a starring role on every junk. They work for all guests and can be used at every stage of the day. They work well as welcome drinks, mixers and for hydrating on the long journey home, and they’re the perfect energy source for kids (big and small). Le Pain Quotidien offers orange juice, apple juice, mint lemonade, raspberry lemonade and iced teas (green or black) – perfect!


#3 Sweet Ride Home

The ride home on a junk can be magic – the setting sun, cruising through the harbour, that beautiful feeling of salt water on sun-kissed skin. Ah, good times. It’s also a good time for some sweet snacks to keep everyone’s energy levels up. Enter the sweet sharing platter, which comes with cookies, tartes, brownies, coconut macaroons and even fresh strawberries.

For more info about Le Quotidien’s junk boat catering service, email catering@lpqhk. com or visit

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