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5 ways to keep your jewellery game on point

Whether it be choosing a diamond engagement ring or selecting new earrings and bracelets, buying jewellery is not something to be done without careful consideration. If you are looking for a special gift or just a standout piece of jewellery, the team at Haywards has shared with us what is on trend this year.

image of pearl earrings from Haywards jewellery
Japanese Akoya pearl earrings set in 18K white gold. Wearable with or without the pearl jacket

1 Studs and earring jackets

This trend, visible in both fine and costume jewellery, is perfect for women who are looking for versatility. The stud is a classic choice for work and daily wear, and can easily be dressed up with a custom drop or halo of various gems, diamonds and pearls.

jewellery, diamond jewellery, black diamonds, diamond bracelet
Platinum bangle set with black diamonds and trillion-cut diamond side stones

2 Asymmetry and geometric shapes

From mismatched earrings and angular rings to bangles with geometric cut stones, asymmetry and geometry are two of the industry’s most popular current trends. Combining fine jewellery materials with a modern design appeals to those looking for high quality, individuality and a contemporary feel.

jewellery, rose gold, yellow gold, gold rings, rose gold rings, yellow gold rings
18K rose gold and yellow gold rings, set with round brilliant white diamonds

3 Stacking and collectability

Stacking rings of different styles and shapes is a great way to create a statement look with a few different pieces. Wearing them together or separately also gives versatility, and the opportunity to change the look. Wearing different shades of gold together is also a trend that has seen a comeback, and it complements stacking.

jewellery, ring, diamond ring, engagement ring
8K white gold engagement ring set with an oval-cut brilliant diamond centre stone

4 Unique engagement and bridal sets

Marrying the tradition of an engagement ring and wedding bands with a unique, modern design has become increasingly popular in recent years. In particular, brides today are opting for traditional gems, such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, set in designs that more often resemble fashion or cocktail jewellery.

jewellery, rings, diamond rings, gold rings
Personalising pieces is a growing in popularity

5 Customisation

With consumers becoming more informed and savvy about what they want, personalising products and experiences is something that has become more prominent in many industries, including jewellery. From engravings to choosing stones, to creating your own piece with a designer, personalising jewellery is a trend that is growing quickly.

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