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Gorgeous storage for your jewellery

By: Brooke Chenoweth

If you’re investing in beautiful jewellery, it’s worth also considering the ideal place to store it. And why not choose a jewellery box that is worthy of its contents? Anna Alexandra is a company that designs gorgeous jewellery boxes, which not only keep your precious jewels safe, but also make stunning statement pieces in themselves. Anna Alexandra was founded by Tracy and Pierre Simaika, a husband-and-wife team on a quest to create products that are both beautiful and functional, with a focus on quality.

Haywards jewellery box
Beautiful jewellery needs a beautiful jewellery box

The boxes that the pair has designed are handmade by skilled craftsmen whose regular work is building humidors. They come in five great colour combinations, and each features a bright colour exterior with a beautiful clear lacquer finish. The plush interior velvet of each box is chosen to complement the outside colour and to accentuate the jewellery it holds – for instance, the Hello Yellow box pairs a bold yellow exterior with stark black on the inside.

Another feature not found in other jewellery boxes is the unique raised edge, which in effect creates a soft close feature. Additionally, the inside of each box has two removable trays for your precious jewels, with additional storage space underneath. The boxes are of a heavy build, which brings some added quality and longevity to them. They come packaged in a beautiful gift box of their own, so they’re perfect for giving.

Anna Alexandra offers free shipping in Hong Kong. To find out more about the products, visit

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