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Italian restaurant Review: Linguini Fini in Central, Hong Kong

By: Emily McCabe

We arrived for dinner at Linguini Fini in Central Hong Kong, hungry! And lucky for us, because we were about to be treated to an absolute feast (doggy bags were required). This, for me, is what Linguini Fini does best: feeding the masses with great Italian food in a wholesome, thoughtful way.


The Bronx ($308) the famous 18-inch pizza
The Bronx ($308) the famous 18-inch pizza


The restaurant is a lot more than meets the eye. The ethos here is “nose to tail” eating – and by that I mean they really do use everything! Apart from the importance of no wastage, they also believe in using locally sourced, organic ingredients. So even though you might be indulging in a spread that combines old fashioned “peasant food” with New York trattoria style, you’re still consuming high-quality ingredients.

We started with the delicious White Gold Bars ($108) – moreish homemade fried mozzarella sticks – and homemade spicy pork sausage ($108), which I refused to share. Next came a couple of pastas, my favourite of which was the radiatore alla vodka ($148), featuring “radiator”-shaped pasta, with spicy sausage in a cream sauce; I could have this dish again and again – the difference in quality from Linguini Fini’s homemade pasta to other pastas is immense. Also enjoyable was the pappardelle “nose-to-tail” Bolognese ($178), again clearly homemade, and with lovely subtle flavours.




For our mains, my husband was very excited about his serving of The Bronx ($308), an 18-inch pizza that is very big and packed full of flavour – absolutely perfect for large groups. The pick of the night for me, even though I’m usually more of a pasta person, was definitely my dry-rubbed hanger steak ($168). I couldn’t believe how nice the cut was, not to mention the smooth flavour and texture. I find it quite hard getting a great steak in Hong Kong, coming from Australia, but this was beautiful and the price tag so reasonable.

It’s funny how you always seem to have room for a slice of sweetness, even after a huge feast. For dessert, we managed to try both the cute caramel apple pie and the chocolate banana cake (both $78). Absolutely delectable!

I love this spot for large groups – it’s satisfying knowing there’ll be something for everyone. And being in the heart of Soho means you’re right in the middle of the action, which is so much fun. Linguini Fini expertly combines a home-grown appeal with thoughtful ingredients and an approachable, friendly atmosphere. And the prices are reasonable; in fact, for what you get in terms of effort and quality, I’d say it’s a bargain.

Must-try Dish: Dry-rubbed hanger steak

Linguini Fini

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