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Insurance Insights: Maternity Cover

Having a baby in Hong Kong? If so, you’ll have plenty of things to consider, not least of which will be the issue of insurance. We asked the team at Bupa Global to answer some common questions on the topic of maternity cover.


Concentrate on the important things.. Your child
Concentrate on the important things.. Your child


In general, why is private medical insurance important for an expat in Hong Kong? How is a global plan different to a local plan?

Private medical insurance provides you with access to a network of hospitals and clinics for treatment, giving you peace of mind so you don’t need to worry about the unexpected health costs if you have an accident or get diagnosed with a serious illness.

A global medical insurance plan generally has a higher annual policy limit with richer benefits compared to a local plan. A global plan gives you the choice to have treatment at home or abroad, so you can go back to your home country for treatment if preferred. Also, if you’re moving back home, you can take your health plan with you, which may save you the hassle of switching plans or going through underwriting again.
How much does it cost to have a baby in Hong Kong?

On average, delivering a baby in a private hospital costs from HK$100k to $150k, and a Caesarean section will cost even more. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of pre- and post-natal check ups.
What are some of the things to keep in mind when it comes to coverage when having a baby?

When it comes to maternity cover, you may want to check:

* if there is a waiting period in the policy;

* if the policy covers the medical costs in case of maternity and childbirth complications;

* if the baby will be born into the policy without underwriting.
Does Bupa offer different policies for maternity cover?

Bupa Global Elite and Ultimate plans both offer maternity cover, providing up to full cover on normal delivery and medically essential caesarean section. Both plans cover pre- and post-natal treatment, and maternity complications. Children can be born into policy without underwriting as well.


Do the policies cover ultrasounds, extended hospital stays if medically necessary, or certified nurse midwives for delivery at home or a birth centre?

Yes, these treatments and care options are all covered by our Elite and Ultimate plans. Also, the two family-friendly plans can cover children under the age of 10 and 16 respectively with no extra cost (two per paying parent).


I have corporate insurance; would you still suggest I get a second insurance plan as part of a family package? 

Many of our clients look at second health insurance as a top-up, for the following reasons:

• An individual health insurance plan often provides a richer range of benefits with higher annual policy limits. You can consider choosing a higher deductible or co-insurance when taking out a second insurance to reduce the premium.

• Corporate insurance is there up until your time with the company ends. This may leave you with the need to seek individual insurance at an older age or time of need, by which time premiums may be higher or there may be exclusions for pre-existing sickness. However, a second insurance with worldwide cover can give you peace of mind that wherever you go, you’ll be well looked after.


For more information on Bupa Global’s insurance plans visit here and for more advice on parenting from birth and beyond check out our Body and Style page