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Warm up your home with these pieces

By: Brooke Chenoweth

Whether it’s adding some throws and warmer cushions to the sofa, or bringing in brand new furniture, the autumn/winter 2017 collection at Indigo Living is sure to inspire. John McLennan, the company’s founder and executive chairman, oversees each new collection, and planning for the season happens many months in advance. We asked John what inspired him this year.

“I spend a lot of time when I travel looking at architecture, art, design and other retail shops,” he says. “This year, I saw inspiration in the raw concrete interior of old factories, the texture of ploughed fields, the beauty of an English garden and the dark rich colours of a forest in the evening. It all makes for a fantastic collection.”

Indigo Living
Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles

As in previous years, there are new pieces to be found and new combinations of Indigo Living favourites to create complete looks. While John is a fan of mixing it up and recommends taking pieces from different styles, he says each of this season’s styles evokes a different feeling. And each style is appropriately named: “Pasadena” is a nod to southern California and the retro Palm Springs vibe – sunny colours, cool silhouettes and graphic art – while “Milan” presents the perfect blend of oldworld elegance and sleek modern design, with dark velvets and warm reflective surfaces of metal and glass. Ideal for the autumn, “Rosy Posy” offers a rich blend of sophisticated shapes and traditional looks blended with a tapestry of florals and colours from a late summer garden. Finally, “Natural Calm” has a lot to love, with the Scandinavian characteristics of soothing neutrals, thick woven textures and natural woods and materials.

Indigo Living
Indigo Living has six stores across Hong Kong

While Hong Kong doesn’t have much of a winter, it does get cold, and making some small changes at home can really help to warm things up. We asked John’s advice for updating the look and feel of a home as the seasons change. He suggests rich deep colours with layers of different texture, such as woven or knitted throws, or faux fur blankets. “All these will bring on the autumn/winter feel to any home. Combine them with candles and anything made in bronze or brass, preferably with an antique or brushed finish. The cosier you can make your home look, the more it shows the change from a relaxed open summer vibe to a warmer winter feel.”

And since we know John is already focused on the year ahead, we’re curious to know what trends we can expect to see. He says, “2018 is going to be an exciting time, and we will of course have a variety of on-trend looks in store. Words to describe next year’s style will include: soft, pastel, moss green, urban, sleek, mineral, cottage, natural and rich.”

So, keep your eyes on Indigo for this season and the seasons to come!

Indigo Living has six stores across Hong Kong; for more information, visit indigo-living.com.

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This article first appeared in the October/November 2017 issue of Expat Living magazine. Subscribe now so you never miss an issue.