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How to get a better night’s sleep

By: Catharine Nicol

Sleep is central to our physical and mental health, yet it often proves elusive. Ensuring your bedroom is a haven of peace, comfort and health is a good start, but did you know that choosing and investing in the right mattress to suit your preferences and needs can be essential in assuring a quality night’s sleep? Here, we talk to Thijs Veyfeyken of Okooko by European Bedding about what to look for in the ideal mattress.

The firmer the better is a myth

Everybody needs a comfortable and supportive mattress to be able to sleep well and wake up refreshed, says Thijs. “The most important thing is to choose a mattress that contours to your body while providing support. Too firm and you may wake up to painful pressure points; too soft and your body will sag.”

Thijs advises going for the especially comfortable organic latex mattresses. Natural latex offers the highest levels of contouring and support and ensures the spine will be naturally aligned so that the body can relax fully. Furthermore, natural organic latex is breathable, anti-mould and dust-mite resistant, without any added chemicals, making it suitable for humid Hong Kong weather.

image of European Bedding mattress

Change is good

Mattresses don’t last forever. Check your mattress once it hits a decade of supporting you through sleep. Spring mattresses usually need replacing sooner, while latex ones last as long as 15 to 20 years. As you get older, you may also find your preferences change. Thijs notices young adults often prefer plush mattresses, while older people move to firmer support.

He likes firm, she likes soft

Couples need to consider the other person in a relationship in order to ensure the best night’s sleep; and, although genders aren’t necessarily density predictable, Okooko by European Bedding has the perfect solution with their “his and hers” densities. “We can customise our king-size latex mattresses to have ‘her side’ and ‘his side’ enclosed in one mattress cover,” says Thijs. “We also suggest that heavier ‘back sleepers’ use a firmer mattress, and lighter ‘side sleepers’ a softer one.”

What about the kids?

Parents know it’s essential for everyone’s peace of mind that their kids get a good night’s sleep. It’s also vital for the overall wellness, learning and productivity of little ones. Okooko by European Bedding offers mattresses ideal for baby cots, bunk beds and trundle beds. Heveya natural organic latex is the healthiest choice, with durability and a removable cover being key when you’ve got kids playing, jumping and spilling things on their beds.

European bedding with model

A worthwhile investment

Whatever your age, a good-quality mattress can transform your bedroom from a battleground into a sanctuary, and it can pay back in boosting your health, mental wellbeing, productivity and overall happiness. In short, if you invest in a good night’s sleep, you can feel the effects paying back throughout your waking life.

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