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Are you looking after your scalp?

By: Rebecca Simpson

Is looking after your scalp a part of your regular hair-care ritual? If not, it probably should be. If you’re striving for a head of naturally luscious locks, or merely looking to tame your frizz in Hong Kong’s crazy humidity, scalp care is an essential element of your beauty routine.

I know this because I recently caught up with JIMMY, a French senior stylist at Emmanuel F, and he told me that too many of us (me included!) are guilty of ignoring our scalps.

Jimmy explained that the scalp is the “birth point” of our hair. This means we should all be taking care of it with the same devotion as our face and décolletage. After all, the scalp is skin and it’s fighting the same elements as the rest of our heads.

I then had the chance to road test the Signature Treatment at Emmanuel F, which is a great way to kick-start scalp self-care.  It’s a personalised treatment that begins with a diagnosis and ends with hair that looks healthier and smells heavenly. Here’s how it unfolded.

Emmanuel F Hair

Step 1: Strand test and diagnosis.

Did you know that healthy hair will stretch one to two centimetres and bounce back without any issues? This quick (and painless) test of the hair’s elasticity and health at the scalp and the ends determines the diagnosis and the signature treatment plan.

Step 2: Clarifying shampoo.

Stepping into Emmanuel F’s hair washing station is like entering a world of calm. This darkened room is a beautiful experience. Here, hair is washed to remove all the silicon and parabens that might be impacting its health. These ingredients are found in non-organic and non-natural hair products. And, despite being told about them years ago, I now understand the negative effect they can have on hair.

Step 3: Hair cocktail.

Jimmy creates a personalised hair cocktail that addresses my specific needs, which are different at each point of my scalp and hair. He massages on a scalp spray to calm my scalp. It has been overly exposed to Hong Kong’s harsh conditions (must buy a hat!). Then, a protein-rich mask and booster is added over the lengths of my hair and left for 20 minutes under a warm heat.

Step 4: Rinse and blow dry.

After returning to the dark calm of the sinks to rinse off the mask and scalp treatment, we’re ready for the blow dry. Before starting, Jimmy uses a thermal protection spray, which he says is essential to protect your hair before heat styling of any kind.

Jimmy’s tip

“Every day, you should aim to nourish and protect your hair. It’s a similar, but simpler, approach to your skincare routine. If you’re pressed for time, try applying a hair milk and head out for the day.”

What we loved

The organic and natural products at Emmanuel F smell divine. Learning about your scalp and hair’s health is interesting and has inspired me to include a hair treatment in my weekly routine. I bought the John Masters Organics hair milk with rose and apricot, which Jimmy recommended for my hair type as a daily solution to nourish and protect.

John Masters Organics

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