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How a wedding party at McDonald’s has become the goal for your dating relationship in Hong Kong

So you’ve been dating for awhile and decide it’s time to seal the deal for your relationship? Forget the wedding planner and look no further than McDonald’s Hong Kong for all of your wedding needs.

We’re not joking. Where else can you wear a wedding dress made entirely of balloons?

Hong Kong McDonald’s became the first in the world to offer a dedicated service for couples looking to tie the knot. Offering 2-hour packages that range in cost from $2,298 to $9,999, a wedding at McDonald’s includes everything you need for your reception, from wedding party MC and venue all the way down to a Double Apple Pie Box Cake Display. Although a McDonald’s Wedding Party can only be booked between 6pm and 10pm, alcohol is not allowed, saving you from embarrassing drunk uncle outbursts.

Optional gifts include a pair of McDonald’s balloon wedding rings, a crystal McDonald’s house, and McDonaldland characters for guest gifts.

Not to underserve those who have already taken their nuptuals, McDonald’s Wedding Party also includes a service for couples who want to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary.

Themes include McDonald’s Romantic Wedding Party, McDonaldland Characters Wedding Party, and for those who prefer a traditional wedding – the McDonald’s Chinese Wedding Party.

And yes, there’s even a French Fry kiss to seal the deal, where couples nibble on each end of a French fry until their lips meet.

Now that Kathie Lee & Hoda have caught word of the McDonald’s Wedding Party, we wonder if you can have your wedding “supersized” in the US?