Happy birthday to the Taurians and Gemini celebrating this month! Find out what the stars have in store for you with our May horoscopes.


Horoscopes: what's in store this month?
What’s in store for you this month

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TAURUS | APR 20 – MAY 20

Everything seems to click this month, as you apply a balance of intellect and emotion to a creative vision. Your mental clarity has never been sharper. It’s the perfect time to pursue a passion or to move an entrepreneurial idea forward. Don’t be surprised at how much you achieve in this very productive period. As things will be moving non-stop, you may feel snowed under. Delegate where possible so that you can focus on what you love and enjoy the most. You’ll be feeling on top of the world by the end of the month.

GEMINI | MAY 21 – JUN 20

Big changes take place this month as your attitude shifts towards injecting more energy and commitment into achieving your dreams and goals. Your courage and intellect put you in the driving seat. Rather than merely thinking about things, you finally take action to make your dreams come true. You are definitely entering a new phase of your life this May, making big changes that will bring fresh new beginnings.

CANCER | JUN 21 – JUL 22

A transformational month lies ahead. You might experience a form of healing when you come to a closure, an understanding of why certain events took place in your past or why relationships took a wrong turn. Leaving behind any thoughts of victimhood. you move into a much more positive state of mind where you’re able to step back and understand things from a third-party perspective. This will allow you to feel more powerful and in control. When things don’t make sense, follow your intuition – you might be in for a very pleasant surprise!

LEO | JUL 23 – AUG 22

There is confusion for Leo this month. You find yourself caught between keeping yourself happy and doing what you think is right, maybe because it helps to pay the bills or because it keeps your family satisfied. A lack of clarity hangs over you while you decide what to do about this dilemma. Despite this, you carry on with laying your plans to discover what you stand for and what works for you.

VIRGO | AUG 23 – SEP 22

Hold your horses! You are extremely enthusiastic with your plans this month because you feel like you’re onto something, but rather than barging through with your ideas, you should be taking nice, small steps, with plenty of pauses. Abundance awaits, but it’s only achievable through taking calculated risks. You have the air of confidence that is perfect for achieving success, but only in combination with patience and calm.

LIBRA | SEP 23 – OCT 22

“How badly do you wish to manifest your desires?” That’s the theme of your month, Libra. Don’t be surprised if a curveball is thrown your way when you least expect it. But you’re in no mood to give up, and you take on every challenge that comes your way with renewed strength. It might be a good idea to tone down your expectations, stay on your toes, and prepare yourself with contingency plans. The key to meeting your responsibilities is balance; exercise compassion while you pursue your desires.


There is a sense of wanting to break free from your current circumstances this May. You may be entering a new phase of your life, where you will be drawn to places or people that inspire you to find your own creative self-expression. There may be an urge to travel to a random spot on the map, or to leave your job to start an enterprise – your very own cupcake shop, for example. This is just the beginning, and physical changes won’t necessarily materialise this month, but you’ll be looking for ways to make them happen.


You are finally able to close a chapter in your life. The time has never felt more right to move on. There is a spring in your step, and a celebratory drink or meal would be a good way to mark new beginnings as you take charge of your life once again. Take time to reflect on past events, to ensure that their lessons have been learnt and understood. This is essential if you want to start with a clean slate and avoid history repeating itself.


Turning up your level of aggression might just be the thing you need to do if you wish to get your way at work or in business this May. This is the month of Taurus, and metaphorically grabbing the bull by its horns is what will lead you to success. State your intentions very clearly – clear communication is key. Stay firm and remain emotionally detached in all your dealings. It’s a fantastic month to plant the seeds to manifest a financial opportunity, be it asking for a well-deserved raise or clinching a deal.


Spending time in solitude to sort out your thoughts might be essential to shut out the noise of the outside world and listen to your trusted inner voice. Things might get confusing for you this month when you feel drawn to ideas that don’t make sense to your rational mind. Go with the flow and trust your instincts. It is time to free yourself from your own mental chains and what society deems appropriate. Immerse yourself in what makes you happy and enjoy the fruit of your hard work in whichever way you choose.

PISCES | FEB 19 – MAR 20

It’s time to make some very important decisions. This month, choices must be made as you balance work or business, family and friends, and your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Are you pushing yourself too hard at the expense of something else? This will be the key question to ask yourself. Find out what gives you deep satisfaction and joy. As soon as you understand this, things will turn instantly for the better and a weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

ARIES | MAR 21 – APR 19

Since Aries is a fire sign, you tend to feel more comfortable when you’re in control, and this month you will be reassessing your self-beliefs or even rewriting what your path should be. You will work towards being not only self-reliant but also a pillar of strength to those around you. How you are perceived by the people close to you will shift as you succeed in achieving a more warm and approachable exterior, while at the same time becoming more confident and firm.

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