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Horoscopes: What’s in the stars for you this June?

Happy birthday to Gemini and Cancer celebrating this month! Find out what the stars have in store for you with our June horoscopes.

Horoscopes: what's in store this month?
What’s in store for you this month

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It’s quite rare to have a clear mind coupled with the enthusiasm and courage required to run with your ideas. Not only do you have a very busy mind this month, but you also have insight into which path you should be taking to achieve your goals. So, expect an action-oriented June, according to our horoscopes. You may find energy levels dwindling towards the end of the month as a result of your busyness, so be sure to rest and recharge if you wish to maintain the momentum.


Worries and anxieties have been keeping you up at night. There is a danger of you concentrating so hard on all these worries that they manifest themselves into reality. You will need to pull yourself out of this mind-set this month, and walk away from what’s upsetting or worrying you. Just because you had a bad experience with something in the past, doesn’t mean it will recur. It’s time to shake off these mental chains so that you can begin to move forward again. There’s nothing more debilitating than a lack of faith in yourself.

LEO JULY 23 – AUG 22

Things have certainly been going well for you, and your efforts have been well rewarded with praise and recognition from peers and colleagues. Still, you can’t stop worrying about how long this will last. The good news is that it’s not going to end anytime soon. You’ve got the Midas touch this June, so make the most it. If there’s a decision waiting to be made, then make it. Stop worrying about what may or may not happen. Stay afloat and paddle hard to maintain your wave of success.


You’ll go through a personal revelation this month, according to our horoscopes. You’ll see that the worst is over when you realise what you’ve put yourself through mentally over the past months. Filled with an awareness of your past mistakes, you begin to gain more control over your mind-set. With your newfound clarity, the path to your goals and dreams feels ever so smooth. This is going to be a feel-good month that puts you on top of the world again.


It’s dilemma time this month! The recommendation is that you hit pause to reflect on things before you jump into making a decision. Despite feeling uncertain on a personal level, you will ironically find others gravitating towards you for advice on their own problems. Your particular dilemma centres around finances. There might be an intention to move some investments around or to start a new one, or perhaps the discovery of an entrepreneurial opportunity


Scorpios hate the feeling of not being in control, so you face testing times this month. As soon as you understand that your personal issues are holding you back, or you experience an emotional blow that makes you sit up and realise what’s going on, you’ll start to feel better. Be prepared to face the darkest night before the dawn breaks. Know that external forces and circumstances do not dictate your ability to overcome difficult situations; that’s down to your own determination and mental strength.


There is only room for calm and good sense this month. The wild, adventurous spirit of Sagittarius is put to rest while a more contemplative Sagittarius takes over. Things have been rather fullon, so maybe a chance to rest and relax is in order at the start of the month. Those around you may be surprised when you choose more traditional, tried and tested ways of doing things rather than diving in headfirst with unconventional ideas. But you know you can’t go wrong when you use your self-attained wisdom and experience to move forward along your path.


You learn that being slow and steady allows you in turn to be meticulous, resulting in an outcome to be reckoned with. Diligently you tick off the set of tasks that you’ve created for yourself, and you see progress in the form of improved financial health and the possibilities of expansion. There is great room for growth this month, and rushing will not be the right approach. The key is to see far out into the horizon, and to maintain the methodical and rigorous way that you set yourself up to make a success of each opportunity.


You’re extremely focused on materialising your plans this month. Emotional attachments are set aside as you throw yourself into creating something for yourself. You’re intent on making a success of your financial position by exercising authority and good judgement on those around you. It’s important not to overdo this, as it could lead to discontentment and tension. Being open to the opinions of others will likely lead to a healthier understanding and enhanced working synergy, according to our horoscopes.


You set yourself a challenge, drawing on all your strength and determination to manifest your desires. If that desire is to be financially independent, you’ll embark on a journey to see this to fruition. Though the outcome may be a victorious one, do be aware that there may be people around you who do not agree with your ideas or your methods. Be careful to avoid any form of conflict, or you won’t have anyone to celebrate your achievements with.


Despite Mercury Retrograde being well and truly behind you, you still feel stuck in a rut. This sense of not being able to move forward is mostly self-created. The first thing to do to help yourself break free of self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and speech is to build your awareness of them. Don’t expect change overnight; you will move slowly but surely towards a path of abundance, our horoscopes show.


Taureans are in for an extremely good month, our horoscopes show. Difficult times seem to be moving further away from your vision while you move into a more positive era. Harness to its fullest potential the mental and intuitive clarity that you will experience in June. Entrepreneurial ideas will be born, soulmates united and financial growth or stability achieved. Make the most of every opportunity – it has the potential to turn into something big!

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