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What’s in the stars for you this month?

Happy birthday to Sagittarius and Capricorns celebrating this month! Find out what the stars have in store for you with our December horoscopes.

Horoscopes: what's in store this month?
What’s in store for you this month



You’re working on long-term plans this December, and one of the things you’ve had on your mind has been to add value to yourself by picking up a new skill. This might mean furthering your education or simply starting an apprenticeship. Either way, it’s most likely going to be something out of your comfort zone. Expect to give your full heart and focused determination to see this process through. Don’t worry too much about the finance side of things either; this should become available. The key is to remain determined, and a solution will be delivered that will allow your wishes to come true.


You’re determined to move things forward this month. Not everyone will be keen on your new idea or project, but with discipline and structure you’ll be able to see this through. It’s exhausting to feel disappointed so it’s important that instead of charging forward with mindless enthusiasm you take slow and calculated steps to see things to fruition. And they definitely do get there! By the end of the month, there will be something to rejoice about. You will have laid a solid foundation to watch things grow in the year ahead.


Creative restlessness surrounds you this December. You’re all too eager to express this desire and embark on a new project or phase of life. You know very well that you’re extremely capable of going forward with things without a care in the world, and this could certainly result in things not going the way you’ve hoped for. So, instead of being your usual reckless self, you adopt a more sensible and emotionally balanced approach and welcome the perspectives of others to shape what your next steps should be. Good luck with it all!


You learn the art of “sharing is caring” this month. You can’t always have your way and treat people around you as minions who are only capable of taking instruction and lack the ability for self-expression. It’s a matter of time before the situation becomes rife with tension, and a rejection of your thoughts and beliefs take place. As soon as you decide to open up the table for discussion and take on board the views of others, you’ll be able to instil harmony again.


There’s an element of self-realisation and success this month. You finally achieve the art of balancing your emotions, which is something that you’ve been working on for some time. Your self evaluation and analysis have led you to realise that changes are important in the aspect of managing your emotions. Moving forward, you find yourself making objective decisions rather than emotionally biased ones.


This Mercury Retrograde month poses no limitations on Taurus in setting and achieving their goals. Things are crystal clear and you’re extremely organised as to what steps or measures you’ll need to take to get to your destination. The month starts off with you charging ahead, but you soon realise the need for a little restraint and thinking through. However, it all goes well in the end, and you achieve the financial results you set out to achieve. Things seem to click into place; the tasks that you may have found difficult to get around before will suddenly seem to happen with ease.


You’re in control of things this month. You’re in command of your future and in a good position to make the best decisions possible for yourself. There is certainly room for expansion, and that’s what you’ll be working on. Build your awareness for existing opportunities and work towards attaining the knowledge or skill necessary to make the most of these opportunities. You have to bear in mind that things will come full circle for you only if you work hard to achieve it. If you choose to do nothing with the available opportunities then obviously nothing will be attained.


You come to a realisation that it’s time to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve had to put in over the past few months. You finally get the chance to enjoy the fruit of your labour this December as financial rewards come pouring in. If you’ve been looking for a perfect career or business opportunity then you will see the results this month. Your self-confidence is raised but keep a watch on things and your feet firmly planted. You’re entering a phase of new changes so work on nurturing your creativity. To stay on top of things, be original in your way of thinking.

LEO JUL 23 – AUG 22

It’s a very sensitive and moody month for Leo. Your instincts bring awareness to the fact that you’re feeling stuck and restricted in your life. You realise that you alone are the person placing these restrictions on your achievements. This is indeed a key moment for you. This realisation makes you sit up and do something about it all. It’s time to shift your awareness to the opportunities that are available rather than make excuses for them being unsuitable for this time in your life. It’s the perfect time to change your perspective on making the impossible possible.


If not all has been going well on the relationship and family side of life, then things are looking up this month. It’s a matter of self reflection, really. You might have been the one creating obstacles in the path of a harmonious relationship with your loved ones. It also might be that your partner or family aren’t quite ready for your out of-the-box and radical perspectives. So perhaps it’s best to stick to what they’re most comfortable with to keep the peace. Perhaps now isn’t the time to rock the boat.


Positive changes await Libra this December. You’re working at steering away from focusing on your negatives but instead harnessing all the positives to instil change in your life. It’s definitely time to manifest those dreams and goals; enough of thinking about things, it’s time to act! With this feeling that you are the authority of your life, you begin to lay those foundations very slowly and meticulously to get to your destination.


Your approach this December is one of objectivity. Your emotions are set aside while you use your unbiased intellect to make sense of the past year’s happenings. You get a strong sense for the need to analyse things to gain an understanding and avoid history from repeating itself. Call it a kind of spring clean of events in your life, if you like. Retreating inwards and spending time by yourself seems like the right thing to do to mould yourself into that all-rounded person capable of creating the perfect balance in life for the upcoming year!

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