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Hong Kong’s ultimate BBQ party menu

Hong Kong’s balmy nights are perfect for hosting BBQ parties with friends or colleagues. There are a few places around town that allow groups to take over their balcony space for private parties or even just an evening gathering of a big group of friends.

We caught up with the Head Chef from The Chop House, TERRACE CHOW, to get his recommendations on the Ultimate BBQ Party Menu.

BBQ Hong Kong
Mmm… BBQ

What’s the best cut of steak for a BBQ?

It’s no doubt the ribeye because of its tenderness and marbling. This cut is one of the most tender parts of a steak, so it works wonders on the griller. If barbecued correctly, the ribeye will only need to be cooked a few minutes each side, depending on thickness.

Other than red meats, which proteins BBQ well?

The crown must go to a nice piece of chicken! I recommend you grill chicken with a mixture of herbs. With chicken, it will deliver the best flavour when fresh off the BBQ. Grilled sausage is also one key part of a classic BBQ menu. Personally, I prefer pork sausages, they have a higher nutritional value than beef sausages, which makes them a great choice.

In Hong Kong’s heat, how can we lighten a BBQ menu to adjust to the weather?

Adding a selection of seafood to the menu will help to lighten your menu but still satiate your guests’ appetite. I’d recommend adding some popular seafood options like jumbo tiger prawns and scallops. These provide well-received alternatives to classic red and white meat options.

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Get green and lighten up your BBQ menu with some salads

Going green is so popular in Hong Kong, how can we cater to our green friends?

You would never host a BBQ without grilled vegetables.  If you’re hosting at The Chop House, what we can do is twist our salad bar and soup station to be vegetarian-friendly.

What are your recommendations for a sweet BBQ treat?

Nothing beats a rich chocolate dessert after any meal but if one prefers something light, then a citrusy dessert such as lemon mousse or key lime meringue pie is also a nice option after a heavy meal.

With all that variety of food, how can we best pair wine for a BBQ? What drinks should we serve?

An icy-cold beer is what you need. We offer a two-hour open bar package where you can order unlimited house beer plus all the basics like soft drinks, orange juice, coffee and tea. Alternatively, go for the premium package to get unlimited serving of red/white wine plus spirits as well.

Want to out-source your BBQ planning?

If you’re busy or simply don’t have the time or space to personally host a BBQ, The Chop House is a nice option. It has a beautiful garden atrium and you can work with Terrace and the team to create a menu that works. The BBQ package is priced from HK$398 (+10%) per guest. This includes two-hour free-flow of salads, soup, BBQ items and desserts in buffet style. Add just HK$150 (+10%) per guest for a two-hour free-flow non-alcoholic beverage package including soft drinks, orange juice, freshly brewed coffee and tea, or top up an extra HK$30 (so, HK$180+10%) to have bottled beer served as well.

The Chop House has a beautiful terrace that’s perfect for BBQs

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