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6 classic pieces every woman should own

Just like every woman’s closet should have timeless pieces such as a white shirt and a go-to pair of jeans, your jewellery collection also benefits from having some classic staples. This will ensure you are never caught short when it comes to appropriate accessories to add the finishing touch to any look. We spoke to three Hong Kong jewellers to find out what are the classic jewellery pieces every woman should own.

# A diamond ring and diamond earrings

The right pieces of jewellery can complete an outfit. WP Diamonds is an online buyer of diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches. This global brand sources pieces from around the world, with offices in New York, London, and now Hong Kong. Head to their website and browse their extensive collection of pieces. Their unique combination of expertise, security and trust has seen them receive accreditation from top industry associations like the Jeweller’s Vigilance Committee, British Jeweller’s Association and The Jewellers Board of Trade. Their diamond buyers are fully BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

They say: “Whether it’s a ring, earrings or a necklace, these diamond jewellery essentials portrays timeless elegance that are perfect for almost any occasion and will continue to grow with you.”

More: wpdiamonds.hk

image of pieces from Hong Kong jewellers Diamond Registry
A diamond and sapphire pendant and ring from The Diamond Registry

# A diamond bracelet and diamond pendant

A diamond bracelet and diamond pendant never go out of style and are the cornerstone of any jewellery collection. The Diamond Registry has operated internationally since 1961, connecting the public and the wholesale industry, helping people find the perfect diamond which they can then buy directly from the source at wholesale prices. Their team handpick the finest loose certified diamonds from around the world and will guide you on the best stones for your budget. They offer a jewellery design service, allowing their clients to create their own custom jewellery that highlights the elements of their diamond as well as creating a unique piece.

They say: “Diamond pendants and bracelets are essential in a woman’s collection as these pieces are stand-out items that accentuate her personal style. Bracelets and pendants can be worn at any age without revealing whether a women is engaged, married or in any other way committed. They are jewelry pieces that don’t have to be over-sized, but still have that sparkle that completes the outfit or is it’s centrepiece.”

More: diamondregistry.com

image of ring pendants from Zaha et Cetera
Detachable ring pendants from Zaha et Cetera

# A cocktail ring and statement earrings

Don’t be afraid to let your jewellery make a style statement! Zaha et Cetera, Hong Kong offers a really personalised service and can create bespoke pieces to suit the personality of the wearer. Their diamond and coloured stones are sourced from places such as Sri Lanka, Africa and Brazil and are then hand crafted in Hong Kong. All their diamonds purchased in Hong Kong are from reputable buyers who adhere to the Kimberley Process and are conflict free. An emphasis on sustainability means Zaha et Cetera will work with you – and within your budget – to recycle old pieces, and help with repairs and remounting.

They say: “Large, oversized accessories are making a splash in the fashion world and cocktail rings and statement earrings are no exception. There is nothing quite like an alluring large ring or earrings to make even the simplest outfit feel stunning. Cocktail rings and statement earrings are one of the quintessential pieces of fashion jewellery and you don’t need to overspend to get one made. The important thing is each person needs to find that piece which speaks to them and let that piece do the talking.”

More: zahaetcetera.com

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