2 Hong Kong-based artists to celebrate

This week, Hong Kong is full of incredible artwork by artists from all over the world. They’re participating in events like the Asia Contemporary Art Show as part of this month’s glorious city-wide celebration of art. But what about Hong Kong-based artists? I hear you say. It’s a great question. We’d like to share two Hong Kong-based artists who create a special perspective on our city.

Martin Lever

Martin Lever has lived and worked in Hong Kong on and off for 38 years. One of the biggest inspirations in his life is this unique city he calls home. Martin’s artwork has been exhibited in a number of solo shows in Hong Kong, the UK and the Middle East. His work adorns the walls of private collectors, and commissioned pieces hang in the corporate lobbies from the McKinsey Corporation to the Wharf Group.

Martin’s approach to painting is refreshingly simple: he closes his eyes, and paints what he sees. Using striking contrasts of colour and lighthearted observational touches, he creates powerful expressionist images that celebrate the world around us through a new lens.

Enjoy Martin Lever’s striking pieces when you visit the Asia Contemporary Art Show at the Conrad Hong Kong (Room 4323) this weekend. Get your tickets here.

Ziver Olmez

Artist Ziver Olmez is a Hong Kong-based architecture and nature photographer who draws upon a combination of reductionist and expressionist influences. He often uses elaborate camera movements to capture light and emotion which transcends what the human eye can see.

Ziver was born in Istanbul, and grew up in the Kingdom of Eswatini. After spending six years studying economics in London, he moved to Hong Kong and began photographing the incredible architectural feats that make up the city. He saw them as subjects that exhibit strong and unique personalities – more than merely concrete, steel, and glass. Like all beings, these buildings have a birth, a life, and a death – some endure more than others, but all have a story to tell.

Using a combination of exposure and tone manipulation techniques, Ziver pioneered a new form of photography he calls “inversions”, emulating the tonality found in film negatives, and exposing a world that exists beyond vision – and deep within imagination.

Catch Ziver Olmez’s work in Room 4119 of the Conrad Hong Kong during the Asia Contemporary Art Show 30 March – 1 April. Get your tickets here.

What: Asia Contemporary Art Show

When: March 30th – April 1st

Where: Conrad Hong Kong, 1 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Interested in hearing more about these artists and their bodies of work? Visit the Asia Contemporary Art Show from 30 March to 1 April 2019. See full event details in our events listing and get your tickets here.


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