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Hong Kong air pollution, sorted! Eating broccoli is the answer to detox airborne pollutants

After last Sunday’s record-breaking day for highest Hong Kong air pollution since the Hong Kong AQHI (Air Quality Health Index) was launched, we have good news in the fight against how air pollution affects our body. Your mama really did know what’s best for you, after all. According to a recent study in China published this week by Cancer Prevention Research, broccoli is the answer to detoxing harmful airborne pollutants by protecting cells in the body and strengthening the body’s resistance to air pollution.

Focusing on the rural polluted area of He-He (no joke) Qidong, in the Yangtze River delta area of China known for it toxic air environment, researchers gave 300 villagers a tea made from broccoli sprouts over a course of 12 weeks. Using a placebo tea, researchers were able to determine that those participants who ingested the broccoli-infused tea enhanced detoxification of cells via sulforaphane, a chemopreventative property of broccoli.

Right, so broccoli tea doesn’t sound so appetizing, eh? You can get a good source of sulforaphane by eating regular broccoli found at the market. Our Expat Living Hong Kong health and fitness expert Alexa Towersey also recommends adding broccoli to your diet to help rid your body of stress and assist with digestion and weight loss.  For a sweeter way to chug down broccoli, we love these recipes for 3 broccoli smoothies to help your body fight the effects of Hong Kong air pollution.