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Bright ideas for styling your home

We’ve recently turned to playful hues and patterns inspired by nature to bring a sense of whimsical calm to our homes and home offices. We found some beautiful pieces while furniture shopping in Hong Kong that utilise floral patterns, pantone palettes and flirtatious hues. Here, the Expat Living team has brought together some of our favourites. Let’s see if these items get you inspired!

Staple pieces

If you’re looking to fully redesign your home or simply refresh your look, there are some fab places to go furniture shopping in Hong Kong. Staple pieces are available in quite a few of our favourite stores, and there are even some amazing options, like at Alfield Interiors or Tequila Kola, where you can have your existing furniture pieces recovered. Everything old can be new again!


Don’t let Hong Kong’s smaller apartments stop you from creating distinct spaces within your home. Just because you don’t have a wall to separate different areas, doesn’t mean you can’t create the feeling of specific spaces. Sometimes, lighting is the best way to give an area a specific tone or mood via a visual cue. Here, we’ve chosen some lamps designed by local Hong Kong businesses owned by expats. Both The Ginger Jar Lamp Co and Red Velvet Designs offer a range of gorgeous options and can deliver within Hong Kong.


A splash of colour across the floor can lift a room in an instant. Carpet Buyer are our go-to for carpets of all shapes and sizes here in Hong Kong. This carpet retailer has been a local business for many years and they have a huge range to choose from. They’re also wonderful to speak to if you are having some challenges deciding what type or style of carpet will be best in a certain space.

Finishing touches

A room will never look quite right until you accessorise with finishing touches. Ceramic stools are a classic addition to any space: living room, bedroom, landing, entrance – and they’re even perfect for the bathroom. Stools are easy to move, easy to clean and never seem to date. We’re also loving the planter baskets at TREE; they’re perfect for protecting the floor and covering up plastic pot plants while adding some natural texture.


Altfield Interiors
2525 2738 | altfield.com.hk

2850 5508 | carpetbuyer.com

The Ginger Jar Lamp Co
9135 0418 | gingerjarlampco.com

Indigo Living
2555 0540 | indigo-living.com

Petit Tippi

Red Velvet Design
9010 5832 fb.com/redvelvetdiscoverybayonlinestore

Tequila Kola
2877 3295 | tequilakola.com

2870 1582 | tree.com.hk

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