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Home Decor: Our Editor-in-Chief blends style themes

By: Rebecca Bisset
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Hanging bed: This rustic hanging bed can give a modern or older look to your bedroom, depending on the rest of the décor and the bed linen. It’s definitely a statement piece and goes well with the retro dressing table and antique Buddha

In fashion, it seems like anything goes these days – well, perhaps with the exception of the padded shoulders of the 80s! This flexibility with personal style extends to interior design, too, and it can be a liberating thing when it comes to choosing pieces to furnish our homes.

It means, for instance, that we can combine a contemporary marble-top dining table with an antique or reproduction antique rosewood carver chair, or a Chinese daybed with fun and colourful striped cushions. Also, when we feel like we need a change (which some of us do more than others), we can simply extract and replace part of the set-up instead of having to redo it all. Interiors don’t date as drastically when you move away from a single theme. (I still remember the relentless one-note browns and oranges of the 70’s – we had a brown checked sofa …)

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Mixing things up can also save money and arguments. If you’re in a relationship, the chance of you both liking the same styles, colours and eras of design is highly unlikely. I know lots of people end up not buying anything, purely because they can’t come to an agreement/decision.

What is important is that you both like your surroundings. Then it’s just a matter of mixing it up and choosing a few pieces each that you love; you’ll actually be killing two birds with one stone – or, to put it another way, you’ll both be able to feather your nest more happily. So you can place those Burmese silver candleholders in that ultra-modern bath suite he liked; or buy the intricate but slightly feminine antique bed you love, but use dark coloured linens to “man it up”.

The range of materials available is also interesting, from beautiful soft hand-stitched leather, natural fibres and goose feathers, to solid walnut, ash and chrome, and from marble to plywood.

By mixing it up you’re also guaranteed that guests will definitely find something about your house that they like!

I’ve chosen some pieces from Altfield, INSIDE and the E.Bon Group to mix up, and even though it’s only on paper, I had great fun doing it.