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Home decor and style: 5 key interior design trends in Hong Kong

From Manhattan loft to Mediterranean glamour, wherever your taste lies on the interior style spectrum, Indigo Living can cater for you. Their new season collections are in-store and Indigo Living chief executive officer John McLennan shares his suggestions on how to achieve five key design trends.

The Back in Black trend focuses on dark colours against lighter elements
The Back in Black trend focuses on dark colours against lighter elements


One of the most dramatic trends for this season can be seen in the Back to Black collection. The collection’s base colours are smoky charcoals, slates and blacks, but accents of jewel tones and elements such as glass and crystal can make the design scheme lighter.

“Don’t be afraid of this trend,” John says. “The black and grey tones aren’t harsh at all and the use of off-white – rather than pure white – softens the scheme.”

Style tips:

Get the balance right – the key to this trend is getting the right proportion of dark colours

Mirror images – reflective surfaces add depth to a room and make a space seem brighter

Add warmth – accents of rich colour and tactile textures soften the scheme


One of this year’s major interiors trends is captured in Indigo Living’s Arabian Nights collection. Pull out the stops with warm, spicy colours and geometric patterns inspired by Moorish architecture or opt for a lighter, more Mediterranean look, using white with blocks of gold for glamour.

“You can amp it up to the top level for a very lavish look or go for a clean, more discreet route with an Arabic twist,” John says.

Warm colours and patterns inspired by Mediterranean and Moorish design
Warm colours and patterns inspired by Mediterranean and Moorish design

Style tips:

Go for gold – use matte or brushed gold accents against white

Keep it simple – keep larger furniture simple and use Arabian-themed art, tableware and accessories

Mix textures and patterns – textiles with different patterns and textures are key to Arabic decorating

The Club Class collection evokes the season of Autumn with its warm brown leather seating and honeyed wood pieces. The traditional style might be reminiscent of an exclusive gentleman’s club, but the collection has a contemporary edge.

John says while there is a masculine feel to the heavy furniture pieces, a softening feminine element is provided through the use of soft fabrics and glass accessories, balancing out the look.

Warm, leather tones and classic pieces define the Club Class collection
Warm, leather tones and classic pieces define the Club Class collection

Style tips:

Wood works – natural wood is a perennial design favourite

Lots of leather – leather seating is a must to capture the essence of this style

Use lanterns – create the sense of a cosy, open fire by placing large candles in storm lanterns

If you want your home to evoke a sense of being an oasis of calm, the Serene Chic collection is about creating a stylish, yet laidback, space. Cool white is teamed with soothing shades of blue – soft teals, turquoises and cornflowers.

Your relaxing space: Serene Chic
Your relaxing space: Serene Chic


John says one of the hallmarks of this trend is to mix differing styles but end up with a cohesive look. This can be done by keeping larger items deliberately neutral to highlight breathtaking one-off pieces.

Style tips:

Mix it up – aim for a tonal scheme with shades of blue, but don’t be afraid to add bursts of colour

Don’t go overboard – pick one or two statements pieces for each room and leave it at that

Go for comfort – choose tactile materials

Our love affair with retro continues, but this season the look is light and fresh. The Scandi Style collection offers simple but beautifully crafted pieces, with a nod to Danish design classics of yesteryear. The sculptural lines and simple silhouettes never go out of style or conflict with other forms of décor.

“The Scandinavian influence means the furniture is practical but very pleasing to look at and it is perfect for small apartment living,” John says.

The clean, simples lines of Scandi Style
The clean, simples lines of Scandi Style

Style tips:

Keep everything in proportion – choose well-crafted pieces that are low and slender

Go mellow and yellow – citrus colours such as yellow and lime green offer 1960s flair

Light up – light fixtures are key to the retro look
Indigo Living has been doing business in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, with seven locations around the Island and beyond.