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40 things to do before you’re 40

By: Lucy Cleeve


For some of us, this year means the big 4-0. Whether you’re yet to sprout ear hair or you’re just a candle or two away from turning 40, now’s the time to tick off some important life stuff. We’ve got the deets on what you should be getting done to celebrate hitting the naughty 40 like you mean it.

Things to do before you turn 40, hitting the big time, 40 things to do before turning 40
Don’t think – just do

#1 Know how to make one proper cocktail – and have the perfect accessories. If your drink of choice needs a muddling stick or a silver-plated shaker, get one. And own some top-notch glasses for it, too.

#2 Experiment with facial hair: grow a mo, beard it up, or get with a goatee. Some will be genetically more adept, but everybody can give their mates a good giggle.

#3 Go ahead and jump – out of a plane, off a cliff on a bungee, or into a ‘this ain’t gonna last” relationship. Don’t think. Just do it.

#4 Get something tailor-made. A bespoke suit will make you feel like the man you want to be.

#5 Get your fix of video games before your 30s are gone. Grey hair and gaming don’t go very well together.

#6 Drink a really expensive wine. Don’t think about the price. Savour it and share it.

#7 Write a beautiful letter on beautiful paper. Whether it’s a soppy love letter (poetry optional) or a thank-you letter to your dad, it will be treasured.

#8 Make an excellent speech. Take your time to really prepare for those best man duties or your Dad’s 70th and kill it.


Things to do before you turn 40, hitting the big time, 40 things to do before turning 40, hit the slopes
Hit the slopes

#9 Ski a black run.

#10 Make something with your hands that you’ll use – build a coffee table, knit a scarf, sculpt a bowl out of clay.

#11 Have a killer song at karaoke – one go-to tune you know you can pull off. Accompanying moves are optional but definitely invited.

#12 Own a tux and make sure you know how to tie a proper bow tie. Clip-ons are for teenagers.

#13 Write your will; a little morbid but a lot sensible. Don’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up.

#14 Know a poem by heart and recite it at least once at the head of the table, tumbler of scotch in hand. Try Banjo or Burns for starters.

#15 Have a dinner party special – one killer dish that you become known for. When someone asks you for the recipe you’ll know you’ve nailed it.

Things to do before turning 40 - scuba diving

#16 Find Nemo – discover another world under the sea and try scuba diving at least once.

#17 Shout the whole bar. Did you just have a belter of a day? Let it be known through beverages.

#18 Do something to raise some serious cash for a charity you really believe in.

#19 Host a crazy, legendary party.

#20 Get a close shave. Enjoy a proper Gentleman’s style grooming experience.

#21 Take a nude selfie – no matter what size your man-boobs, you’re most likely looking the best you will for the rest of your life, right now.

#22 You’re old enough to know what’s going on in the world – have your own opinions on politics, and use your vote.

#23 Set yourself a physical challenge – maybe you’re a marathon kind of guy, a climb Everest sort of bloke or a trek through Nepal type. Pick something and get it done.

#24 Sleep under the stars. Sing songs, build a fire, toast marshmallows, poo in a hole.

#25 Plant something and eat it.

#26 Fly first class – turn left. Say yes to everything on offer. Go on – wear the pyjamas!

#27 Know a dance – waltz, jitterbug or a little salsa? Learn it well, and extra points for dancing it with your mum.

Things to do before you turn 40, hitting the big time, 40 things to do before turning 40
Run like the wind, fellas

#28 Get to your dream sporting event. Whether it’s the World Cup, an AFL grand final, test cricket at Lords, or the winter Olympics. Make it happen.

#29 Have a pet – a dog, a snake, a goldfish; just have one, name it a wonderful name and love the hell out of it.

#30 See your favourite band live and buy the most expensive tickets you can.

#31 It’s time to stop wearing t-shirts with graphics and slogans, unless you’re Chris Martin or David Beckham. And since we’re on the topic, it’s probably best to lose the t-shirts without collars, too.

#32 Did someone influence a great positive change in your life? Maybe a teacher, an ex, your best mate’s dad? Let them know. It’ll make everyone’s day.

#33 Realise that dating women who are younger than your last high school reunion is NQR.

#34 Find a mentor – a compass to guide you through the big decisions in your life.

#35 Treat your mum and dad. Take them out for a posh dinner or send them on the trip of their lives. You’re a grown up now. Nice one, son.

Things to do before you turn 40, hitting the big time, 40 things to do before turning 40

#36 Buy a proper piece of art. Something you fall in love with at first sight – something that speaks to you.

#37 Send a letter to an idol or a hero and tell them what they mean to you.

#38 Skinny dip somewhere in the moonlight.

#39 Learn a language and have a conversation in someone else’s mother tongue.

#40 Holiday solo. Have a whole week of me, myself and I.

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