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5 healthy home delivery meal services

Maintaining your health can be tough in a hectic city like Hong Kong. We all work hard and play hard, so hands up whoever has grabbed a greasy takeaway on the way home or whipped up a meal that’s about convenience, not calories? Thankfully, there are alternatives – there are a number of businesses that offer healthy, home delivery meals. What are you waiting for?


With dishes prepared by renowned chefs using gourmet ingredients, it’s easy to forget that Eatology’s home delivery meals are actually calorie-controlled. Choose from a range of meal plans that are freshly cooked and delivered to your door each morning from Monday to Saturday. Eatology offers different programs depending on your nutrition goals, whether it be fuelling an active lifestyle or weight loss. They also cater for vegetarians and vegans. All meals are approved by dieticians and they measure the macronutrient ratio to either facilitate healthy fat loss for those who would like to slim down, boost energy levels, or offer a balanced diet for the health-conscious. You can choose from two or three meals a day, along with snacks. Meals must be ordered at least two days in advance.

Menu highlights: zucchini lasagne; balsamic beef with vegetable spaghetti; Moroccan red snapper.


Home delivery: Salmon with wasabi and sherry aioli
Salmon with wasabi and sherry aioli

Pinnacle eAt

The nutrition arm of Pinnacle Performance, Pinnacle eAt is part of a holistic approach to improving health and fitness. The healthy meal home delivery service, whose motto is ‘nutrition made easy’, was the result of demand from Pinnacle gym-goers for information about nutrition, and convenient and affordable meal options. You can get their meals delivered to your door with two business days’ notice. Choose from a menu created by head chef Morgan Chang, a Hong Kong-born Australian who cut his teeth cooking at the Stone Nullah Tavern. Mixing American, Mexican, Italian and Chinese influences, he works with nutritionist James Honey to make sure all the meals meet their clients’ goals. Clients sign up to one of three ‘meal bank’ plans, enabling them to have either 20, 60 or 100 meals a month, and pause deliveries whenever you travel, perfect for those with unpredictable schedules.

Menu highlights: salmon with wasabi and sherry aioli; slow-cooked beef; taco breakfast bowl.


Home delivery: Nutrition Kitchen's meals balance flavour with health
Nutrition Kitchen’s meals balance flavour with health

Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen founders Charlotte Fisher and Josh Li were working as personal trainers and saw a gap in the market with clients who needed nutritious meals, but didn’t have time to cook. They partnered with Swire Restaurants to provide freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals and deliver them ready-made to their clients. They offer weekly home delivery meal plans with a range of cuisines, which clients can tailor to meet their needs. They also provide a clear breakdown of the ingredients, calories and macronutrient content of each meal. Normal delivery time is between 7am and 11am each day – delivery charges may apply to some areas in Hong Kong. A minimum order is two meals a day for five days and orders need to be made the week prior to delivery.

Menu highlights: Thai coconut green curry chicken with vegetables; piri piri chicken; Hong Kong-style beef and broccoli.


Home delivery: duck breast
Duck breast by Biorna Quantics

Biorna Quantics

Science meets nutrition at Biorna Quantics, which aims to help their customers achieve optimal wellness and fitness through a healthy meal home delivery service. Every customer gets a free consultation with Biorna’s naturopathic doctor and sports nutritionist, including a DNA assessment, to tailor meal programs to their needs. The Quantics Kitchen then creates ‘macro-precision’ meals, factoring in your DNA analysis and food sensitivities. Their meals are made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients, which are also anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidants. They do not contain grains or dairy. They even have a special Brain Power Prebiotic breakfast formulated to heighten mental alertness and stimulate fat burning. Meal plans can be ordered for five or seven days a week, with special four-week and 12-week packages available. The seven day plans are delivered three times a week and the five-day plans are delivered twice weekly.

Menu highlights: Mexican chicken; baked salmon with eggs and avodaise; there’s even grilled ostrich!


Home delivery: Moroccan chicken by Nosh
Moroccan chicken by Nosh


Online food delivery service Nosh has become the go-to lunch option for savvy office workers, providing high-quality, nutritious meals within 30 minutes. Started by the creators of Secret Ingredient, their aim was to change how people eat and order lunchtime takeaway. Customers go to the website and choose a delivery option that suits, depending on operational hours and location. The menu offers a wide range of recipes using healthy, seasonal ingredients, which change every few weeks, while maintaining a staple menu of hot dishes and salads. Meal plans include combo bundles so you can order for your colleagues. They also offer pick-up meals in several stores located around Hong Kong.

Menu highlights: sustainable salmon quinoa bowl with mixed greens and edamame; lean white fish curry with coconut milk and rice; beef burrito bowl with guacamole and brown rice.


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